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Angela Merkel secretly flew into Dublin two weeks ago to attend the huge demonstration against water charges: A spokesman from Berlin said the chancellor is perfectly entitled to do what she likes on her days off! Well done Angie!


Euro Delusion And Denial Keep Authorities Entranced

By Jörg Bibow

It is no secret that Germany alone is calling the shots in Euroland these days. And Germany itself is stuck in a perfect state of delusion and denial about the eurozone crisis. Suffering in crisis countries is regrettable but unavoidable, the result of nothing but their own past profligate failings, as Germany sees it. Calm and confident German voters re-elected Chancellor Angela Merkel as their guardian of stability, which is presumably now spreading throughout the eurozone.

Finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble denounced critics who fail to see how well his policy prescriptions are working as living in some “parallel universe”. Just as there was absolutely nothing wrong with Germany running perpetual current account surpluses inside the currency union – even as these may have wrecked its euro partners. There is also nothing wrong with the eurozone at large now trying to replicate the German model at the global level – even as those profligate Americans may be complaining about it. Things are just fine in Mr Schäuble’s own parallel universe, in which having perpetual fiscal austerity at home offset by perpetual trade surpluses is evidence of competitiveness and the foundation of stability and prosperity………………..

full article at source: http://www.social-europe.eu/2014/01/euro-delusion/

Beware of German (KfW) Bearing Gifts?..


As reported in today’s press, Ireland has secured a sort-of backstop to its exit from the bailout via an agreement with Germany‘s state- and local authorities-owned KFW Development Bank (see: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/kfw-is-a-public-bank-providing-development-loans-at-lower-interest-than-commercial-rates-1.1595460 and http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/bailout-a-calculated-political-gamble-that-just-might-not-pay-off-249727.html). This was blessed by Germany (http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/merkel-backs-ireland-bailout-exit-without-overdraft-29754656.html). And it may or may not qualify as a backstop for the Exchequer (see speculative analysis here: http://www.irishexaminer.com/archives/2013/1115/ireland/bailout-exit-declaration-exaggerated-half-truth-249716.html).
One can only speculate as to the possible conditionalities imposed by Angela Merkel and her potential coalition partners on Ireland under the exit deal, but here’s an interesting parallel development that has been unfolding in recent weeks……

full article at source: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.ie/

A European Solution to the Eurozone’s Problem

By  Gorge Soros

My objective in coming here today is  to discuss the euro crisis. I think you will all agree that the crisis is far  from resolved. It has already caused tremendous damage both financially and  politically and taken an extensive human toll as well. It has transformed the  European Union into something radically different from what was originally  intended. The European Union was meant to be a voluntary association of equal  states but the crisis has turned it into a creditor/debtor relationship from  which there is no easy escape. The creditors stand to lose large sums of money  should a member state exit the union, yet debtors are subjected to policies that  deepen their depression, aggravate their debt burden and perpetuate their  subordinate status.

This has created political tensions  as demonstrated by the stalemate in Italy. A majority is now opposed to the euro  and the trend is growing.   There is a real danger that the euro will destroy  the European Union. A disorderly disintegration would leave Europe worse off  than it was when the bold experiment of creating a European Union was begun.  That would be a tragedy of historic proportions. It can be prevented but it can  be prevented only with Germany’s leadership. Germany didn’t seek to occupy a  dominant position and has been reluctant to accept the responsibilities and  liabilities that go with it.  That’s one of the reasons for the crisis. But  willingly or not, Germany is in the driver’s seat and that is what brings me  here.

What caused the crisis?…………………………………………….

Read full article  at http://www.project-syndicate.org/blog/a-european-solution-to-the-eurozone-s-problem#6mMv7wyQVcBL8cGj.99

“anti-Merkel” result from the Italian elections

Dubbed an “anti-Merkel” result, the German chancellor has refrained from commenting publicly on the Italian elections’ outcome but two top-table officials stressed it was paramount for Rome to keep its reform course on

Merkel was, however, reported to have dismissed interpreting the Italian vote as  a kickback against government austerity measures at a meeting of her conservative party on Tuesday, according to participants.

“The government does not adhere at all to such one-dimensional explanations,” her spokesman Steffen Seibert told a regular government news conference the following day.

Most outspoken among German politicians has been Merkel’s gaffe-prone challenger from the opposition  centre-left in this year’s general elections, Peer Steinbrück.

“I am downright appalled that two clowns won,” he told a Social Democratic Party event in Potsdam late on Tuesday, sparking the Italian president to cancel scheduled talks the next day with him.

He said that while former comedian turned anti-corruption firebrand Beppe Grillo was a “professional clown with nothing against being called that,” former premier Silvio Berlusconi was “a clown with a particular testosterone

full article:  http://www.thelocal.de/politics/20130228-48241.html


Feeble defense for tax arbitrage

“Ireland’s corporation tax rate was in the sights of the man most likely to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor when he met Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore in Berlin. Peer Steinbruck, the Socialists’ candidate to lead the party in next year’s election, also said he doesn’t personally believe in using EU funds to pay down bank debt.”

Now, here’s the problem: Steinbruck has been “deeply critical of Ireland’s generous corporation tax, blaming it for Germany losing income from German companies, when he was finance minister in the previous coalition government with Ms Merkel.”

Per report, “the Tánaiste tried to reassure him that Ireland’s tax rate of 12.5% — the second lowest in the EU — posed no threat to Germany… …

full article at source:  http://trueeconomics.blogspot.de/

Kenny rules out bank debt deal

Taoiseach Enda Kenny ruled out a decision today on the nation’s bank debt at a planned meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

“Our meeting today is not about making a decision on a deal for Irish bank debt,” Mr Kenny said in a video posted on the Government’s news website this morning.

“That matter will be discussed and negotiated by the Minister for Finance during the course of 2013.”

Ms Merkel and Mr Kenny issued a joint communiqué on October 21st saying Ireland was a “special case” in relation to its banking debt.

The leaders issued the statement to calm concern sparked by earlier comments by the German leader ruling out retroactive bank recapitalizations by the European rescue fund

see full article at source:

Kenny rules out bank debt deal.



This Gombeen twit has again shown the nation what an absolute idiot he is .Merkel is kicking him around the school yard and he is telling everybody she is his best friend .What an idiot! We are never going to get anything from Berlin or anywhere else .Remember in the boom times anywhere in the world where Irish showed up to buy property we were given a different price as people knew we would pay the higher prices and so it is with this Gombeen from Ireland he is only the tea boy and with a clap on the back this fool comes back to the Dail with the latest dictates from Berlin and of course this twit will try and convince the nation he is getting things done . God help us from self serving political leaches like this one!


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