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Social and Family Affairs
* Cuts to all social welfare payments by 5% – €850m
* Reduction and changes to child benefit – €513m
* An end to receiving two welfare payments – €100m
* An end to payments for Community Employment Schemes for those already on benefit – €100m
* Cutting benefits for dental, optical and hearing services – €92m
* Grading of jobseekers allowance by age – €70m
* Cutting the Family Support Agency – €30m
* Changing eligibility for Family Income Supplement – €20m
* Taxing household benefits package – €11.6m
Staff cuts – None
Total cut €1.8bn
Health and Children
* Reduce the size of the Department by 10% a year over the next three years – €11m
* Reduce HSE staff – €391.3m
* Revise the income guidelines for the Medical Card to the basic rate of social welfare, the jobseekers allowance – €100m
* Increase the threshold for the Drugs Payment Scheme from 4100 to €125 a month – €37m
* Those previously receiving free prescriptions must now pay €5 for each prescription – €70m
* Hold an open competition to provide services under the General Medical Services scheme – €370m
* Increase Hospital Charges – €6m

* Increase charges for private facilities in public hospitals by 20% – €50m
* Hospitals and clinicians must provide generic medicines, off-patent drugs and value-for-money treatments – €30m
* Changes to agencies and organisations in the disability and mental health area which receive State funding – €50m
* Changes to the Fair Deal scheme with the individual to contribute more to nursing home care from their own residence – €50m
* Means test for Homecare packages – €24m
Total cuts: €1.2bn
Staff cuts: 540
Education and Science
* Staff and pay cuts in primary and post primary schools – €150m
* Staff cuts at third level – €140m
* Cuts to number of special needs assistants and English language support teachers – €81m
* Increased pupil teacher ratio at primary and post primary – €80m
* Change to student support grant – €70m
* Cuts to capitation grants for primary and post primary schools – €25m
* Cuts to research and development – €27.5m
* Cuts to grants for private schools – €25m
* Merging of smaller primary schools – €25m
* Cuts to school transport – €25m
* Integration of senior travelling training – €25m
* Cuts to third level structures – €23.7m
Staff cuts 6,390
Total cut €746m
* Reduce expenditure on the Disadvantaged Area Compensatory Allowance Scheme by 30% – €66m
* Terminate the Suckler Cow Scheme – €44m
* Close REPS 4 and no rollover from REPS 2 and 3 into REPS 4 – €80m
* Reduce Teagasc staff numbers, rationalise Teagasc and Dept offices – €37m
Total cuts €305m
Staff cuts 1,140 staff
Enterprise, Trade and Employment
* Merge the regional offices and shared services of Enterprise Ireland, IDA and FÁS – €87m
* A single reduced funding stream for all science, technology and innovation activities across all departments – €53m
* Streamline all support of Irish enterprises and marketing functions in Enterprise Ireland – €10m
* Stop funding the FÁS Services to Business and Skillnets programmes – €27m
* Cuts to training allowances for the unemployed – €24.5m
Total cuts €237.7m
Staff cuts 594
Community Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs
* Cuts to Community Services Programmes – €64m
* Cuts to Gaeltacht Schemes – €20.8m
* Cuts to islands infrastructure – €20m
Staff cuts 196
Total cut €151m
Environment, Heritage and Local Government
* Cuts to local government including an end to 12 county or town councils – €100m
* Further efficiencies – €30m
Staff cuts 30
Total cut €130m
Department of Transport
* Efficiencies among CIE companies – €55m
* Cuts to road maintenance – €20m
* Cuts to regional air services – €15m
* Axing the Rural Transport Scheme – €11m
* Outsourcing of driver and vehicle testing – €10m
* Cuts to the Road Saferty Authority – €4.2m
* Merging the National Roads Authority and the Railway Procurement Agency – €3m
* Merging the National Vehicle and Driver File into the Road Safety Authority – €2m
Staff cuts 80
Total cut €127.1m
Arts, Sports and Tourism
* Cuts in allocation to tourism and marketing – €27m
* Cut in grant to Sports Council – €17.7m
* Cut allocation to Horse and Greyhound Fund – €16.4m
Staff cuts 170
Total cut €104.8m
Department of Justice
* Cuts to pay and allowances for justice sector staff – including gardai – €65m
* Cuts to the courts service – €13.5m
* Cuts in immigration staff – €10m
* Transfer disability functions of department to Department of Health – €2.6m
* Cuts to Youth Detention Centres – €2.5m
Staff cuts 540
Total cut €136.4m
Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
* Cuts to energy efficiency schemes run by Sustainable Energy Ireland – €40m
* Cuts to direct funding to TG4 – to be partially funded from licence fee – €10m
Staff cuts 106
Total cuts €65.6m
* Measures including a reduction in Defence Forces personnel by more than 500
Total cuts €53m
Staff cuts 520
* Cuts to the Office of Public Works – reducing spare capacity and rental costs – €21m
Staff cuts 660
Total cuts €82.8m
Department of Foreign Affairs
* Cuts to overseas missions – €15m
* Cuts to overseas aid – €14.8m
* Cuts to Support for Irish Emigrants – €1m
Staff cuts 65
Total cut €41.7m
Houses of the Oireachtas Commission
* Changes to some operations – €6m
* Cuts to Oireachtas Allowances and Benefits – €1.5m
Total cuts €7.8m
Staff cuts 42
National Treasury Management Agency
* Reduce staff and other administrative costs – €5.3m
* Changes at the State Claims Agency including payment schemes, legal fees and risk management services
Total cuts €5.3m
Staff cuts 40
Department of the Taoiseach
* An end to the National Economic and Social Development Organisation – except for the National Economic and Social Council – €4m
* Axing the Law Reform Commission – €2.8m
* Cuts to the cost of Census 2011 – €2.2m
Staff cuts 77
Total Cut €17.5m

Then we have headlines like these

and this

Taoiseach Brian Cowen is today defending a wage bill of more than €800,000 a year for special advisors to him.

Mr Cowen told the Dáil that six special advisors cost the taxpayer €820,000 a year, one advisor less than in 2009.

“I think that anyone who would be knowledgeable in the area of the Department of the Taoiseach would recognise that there is a need for advisors to assist in relation to all the work that has to be done across Government,” he said.

source http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/taoiseach-defends-820000-bill-for-advisors-478339.html 

Read more: http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/taoiseach-defends-820000-bill-for-advisors-478339.html#ixzz12tEFcWos

The Green Bone

Greens support Dail inquiry into bank activities


An idea has been mooted by Colm McCarthy, the chairman of An Bord Snip Nua.

To have an Oireachtas inquiry into the failure of Ireland’s banks has being receiving support from none other than the Green Party chairman Dan Boyle.

Mr.Boyle says the public is owed an explanation about what went wrong with the banking system.

He also says senior bankers need to be held to account for catastrophic failures in their organizations, for which the public will have to pay.

This is a far cry from the earlier green party I use to know that would have demanded the heads of these Banks and probably fraud charges being made against the people involved

I think these kinds of utterances are more for the equivalent press headlines that they are calculated to bring

Weather we will see any real inquiry with teeth is questionable I suspect that Mr.Boyle has got all he wants out of this news headline for now

The term keeps the troops happy or throw a dog a bone comes to mind!


Thanks Lads!

ECONOMIST Colm McCarthy was paid a fee of €35,000 for telling the Government how to cut public spending by €5bn, it was confirmed last night.

But given that some meetings did not last a full day, Mr McCarthy’s average daily rate comes closer to €1,000.

Sligo General Hospital cuts

Fianna Fáil Sligo-North Leitrim TDs Jimmy Devins and Eamon Scanlon have resigned the party whip over their opposition to cuts in breast cancer services at Sligo General Hospital, at least this is what we are told in the papers but don’t hold you breath because if you look carefully you will see that the boys are not ruling out supporting the government on all other matters

We have 2 local lads feeling the heat of local opposition to the stated HSE cuts for their region now for the last 2years

Why has it taken until now for the boys to open their mouths and take action, well the local hospital action group are getting some real support now from the local community and the prospect of new independent candidates popping up is causing the boys, to be seen to be doing something to stop local hospital services being taken away .

These two local opportunists are helping the most incompetent government stay in power

And I hope the people in Sligo  give then a right trouncing in the next election

You have a Neck! Mr.O Connell

Shareholders who lost their life savings in the Irish banking collapse shoulder blame for their own financial ruin, the country’s Central Bank has said.

Tom O’Connell, assistant director general of the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland, claimed investors got what was coming to them for not keeping bank chiefs in check.

Mr O’Connell you are definitely not firing on all six cylinders whatever you are smoking is not doing you any good and if I were an international investor I would be heading for the Hills when I hear you talking like this!

This is like the Captain of the Titanic blaming the passengers for the ships sinking!

I bought allied Irish share early this year (at approx .35 cents each about 100)

I did this to be able to go to the AIB EGM and AGM

I clearly saw with my own eyes all of the ordinary shareholders present calling for the resignations of the entire board and I took some video footage as well

The entire room was full of people (Ordinary share holders calling for the ousting of the entire board of Directors including the Government nominated ones as well,

Did this happen? NO why? Because the chairman of the board had all the time proxies of all the large instatustions backing him and his board and there was nothing any of the ordinary shareholders could do about it we were told to get put up or shut up.

Your comments trying to shift the blame on to the ordinary shareholders is nothing more than an attempt to hide the incompetence of the department you are currently chairing

You know full well that ordinary shareholders have no say what so ever in decisions taken at any AGM or for that matter EGM they are only staged to give to the ordinary shareholders the illusion that they have something to say. Nothing More!

The senior figure in Ireland’s banking watchdog admitted it did not shout loud enough about reckless lending to property developers during the bubble, but insisted ordinary shareholders were also responsible.”If the banks don’t reform adequately, it’s the shareholders who should be there to discipline them,” he said. “If they don’t do that, they take a hit, and they have taken a massive hit here.”

I think it is beholding on you Mister O’Connell to resign from your overpaid job and try to live on the dole for a while that might bring you back to reality!

No stimulus plan!


THE Government is going to sit on the C report for the next five months — while it continues to borrow €400m a week to run the country.

Ministers will also have a report on reform of the tax system to mull over in the coming weeks, along with the spending cuts report published on Thursday 

 Taoiseach Brian Cowen indicated yesterday none of the recommendations in the Bord Snip report would be implemented until December’s Budget.
Colm McCarthy.


What is wrong with this man? He is still sleep walking around the Dail

So this Taoiseach is happy to squander
another 8,000,000,000;00
Euro and then try to save less than half in five months time by which time we will have a hundred thousand more at least on the dole am I hearing right?

Where is there an emergency Job creation retraining job retention stimulus plan a Marshal plan??

Answer there is none !

He is so far removed from the ordinary people to see the effect this collapsing economy is having on them!

We need deceive action now this new report from An board snip neua is laughable it is proposing to cut all together 3.7 billion to 5billon

The ESRI has come out saying that we can expect to have 500,000 plus unemployed by the end of the year (another 100,000 more than the current figures) This means that the savings that are hoped to be made by these cuts, are already gone in unemployment benefits for these new members of the dole club.

This government is trying to do what all previous governments have done in financial crises and that is to clobber the poor, the sick, the pensioners and the unemployed!

Has everybody forgotten that it is this government’s incompetence and support of the major Banking corruption that has got us into this mess? Particularly Mr. Brian Cowen who was finance Minister that presided over the regularity body’s of the state that allowed the Developers and the Bankers to fleece the Irish public

The same public is now being forced to bail out the developers and bankers

This is sick the people that caused all of this destruction are now telling the People that they have all the answers and that we have no choice but to keep them in their high flying jobs and huge salaries and basically do what we are told to do, and that is to

Vote yes for Lisbon 2 treaty

That is what
Taoiseach Brian Cowen desperately needs now


The best way to get this shower out is to vote NO to Lisbon 2


We have seen that there in not an ounce of honor in any of the top political masters of this country its every man jack for himself and get what you can for yourself

This is the same in the Banking sector and in the Building sector as well

We the people must take action ourselves and don’t wait for the union bosses to tell us what to do, they are part of the same clique as they enjoy salaries that president Obama would dream of they enjoy access to the top ministers on a Daly bases ! They have overlooked the current corruption in the Banks and civil service (remember Fas junkets)

They are well able to take care of themselves

We the people are on our own we must make a clean sweep of all vested interests

And start by making the corrupt politicians pay for this mess and sending them to jail

Along with their Banker friends and developer buddies!

The country is Broke!

We are borrowing €400 million every week and we need to cut €5bn from public spending

And that’s just for starters!

According to the report from An Bord Snip Nua release to-day the country needs to cut more than €5bn (£4.3bn) from its budget and more than 17,000 public sector jobs to save the country’s ailing economy.
An Bord Snip Nua, the Irish government’s cost-cutting panel, has called for brutal measures to drive down public expenditure.

But who are these people on this board??

Well we have Mr. Colm McCarthy of University College Dublin,


McCarthy also worked with a business consultancy firm, DKM, before taking up employment in UCD School of Economics.

McCarthy also demanded a 5% reduction in social welfare payments to achieve savings of €850m.

Then we have

Pat McLoughlin, a former deputy CEO for the HSE. McLoughlin resigned from his €165,000 post in 2005 because it would not guarantee him a sufficiently high pension so I here!

The Department of Finance had, apparently, not agreed to a ten year pension top up for this over-paid executive. Yet this same individual was then chosen to sit on a committee to decide on public expenditure cuts! What a Laugh!

Maurice O Connell, a former governor of the Central Bank. This was the man in charge of the Central Bank when the bogus non-resident accounts were being set up to avoid DIRT tax!

O Connell defended his inactivity even though it led to a loss of €100 million from state revenues. This was the man at the same time issued warnings about ‘over-spending’ on social welfare.

I wonder how many people on the dole could be supported on 100 million Euros.?

Mary Walsh, A partner in Price Waterhouse Cooper, the top accountancy firm that is close to big business.

William Slattery, Slattery used to work with the Central Bank as a regulator for Dublin’s IFSC

But then he jumped ship, to help service the hedge funds. Many of the hedge funds have located in Ireland to avoid paying tax because they are offered a special scheme which links them to the Caymen Islands.

These are gambling pools which allow the wealthy to engage in vast speculation these are the same kind of people you would find amongst the 10 Anglo Irish Golden circle members

Anyway back to the report, the following are the main points and I would need to suss out more details in the coming days to be able to make a more detail examination!

  • Cutting 17,000 jobs from the public sector –
  • health service cuts –
  • Increasing the pupil teachers ratio and reducing special needs assistants
  • Cutting social welfare and forcing medical card holders to pay new prescription charges.

I believe the report was deliberately published in the holiday season in the hope that it would be swallowed up by other events in the weeks to come.

I hope to be able to come back to this report over the weekend.





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