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Anglo:Shut it Down before it drags us all down

What a irony that we the Irish taxpayers ,must now depend on the European Commission to save us from our own corrupt political masters as they continue to try to saddle the taxpayers with more debts from the Toxic Toilet that is Anglo Irish Bank
In the Sunday newspapers we see them awash with photos of Allen Dukes preaching the virtues of keeping this bankrupt Bank alive, of course he would isn’t he doing well sitting on top of his own little fiefdom with the taxpayers having to pay for his every wish!
This Guy is guilty of keeping alive the largest robbery of the Irish Taxpayers in the history of our state and he has the cheek to think we the taxpayers will just turn over and allow him and his lackeys to continue to screw us
Duke’s call to create a good bank and a bad bank is just an attempt to keep himself in a plush job
The man in the moon has more qualifications to run a toiler like Anglo than Duke
I say get rid of Anglo now and Dukes along with it, and all the rest of the cronies that infest that toxic toilet now!
As for NAMA I believe we are heading for a national default we cannot hope to be able to pay the interest on these huge figures that are been bandied about
For god sake we are talking about Billions that is 1000 of millions where is the sanity in all of this?
The government is out of control along with the finances of the country and the criminals that are running the show are the very ones that have caused this sad state of affairs
Somebody has to shout stop
drastic action is now inevitable if we are to save our independence

Extending the Bank Garantee for Anglo

Anglo Irish Bank’s chief executive has said the bank guarantee will have to be extended because the financial system has not yet stabilised.

In an interview with RTÉ News, Mike Aynsley said the bank also wanted to put Arnotts back on an even keel without creating further employment problems and managing a recovery of the business
Comment :What planet is this gob**** on ?

We cannot afford to keep this black hole open and we certainly don’t want to keep paying this guys huge salary
Of course he wants to stay on the gravy train that is Anglo Irish Bank
Even in the capital of capitalism (United States of America) they have let 46 banks go to the wall this year alone
Keeping this Toxic bankrupt Private bank open for business for its top developer pals is downright treason and it is sucking the lifeblood of capital away for the rest of the country
This guy should be told to get lost for good period
just listining to him makes me feel sick!

Allen Dukes a political dinosaur still obviously has a few favours that he can call on
And to say he will not answer questions on the board appointees of Anglo is just astonishing
This is clearly a gravy train for the insiders
Close this toxic Toilet down and flush Dukes and his board of cronies down with it

NAMA plan ,pure folly

David Mc Williams explains ,but there is no mention of the Derivative contracs Anglo is holding along with the AIB and BOI.

These Derivative contracts are all in the red and nobody is takling about them

Is this what Allen Dukes is referring to when he says Anglo will need more funds ??

Are the goverement paying off the huge losses from the other Banks through the Anglo Irish back door??

we need answers!

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