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Resident’s movement for political change


Our water is now been privatized so our lives are now in the hands of a private corrupt company !


Ireland goes bankrupt and the Troika calls for more taxes. Water meters are decided upon and a plan to build Irish Water are hatched.

Siemens, a company with massive resources and know-how in this area – and also with a massive installed base in the UK – offer to install the meters for free.

Phil Hogan declines Siemens’ offer – no answer as to why he decided this was ever forthcoming – “just, no – we have an Irish solution to this”. Both Siemens and industry analysts are baffled as to why a state would go for a far more expensive solution.

Denis O’Brien, the man accused by a High Court Judge to have “beyond all doubt” been given ”substantive information” by FG TD Michael Lowry “of significant value and assistance to him in securing the [Esat] license” – and to have subsequently made hundreds of millions by selling same – purchases a company called Siteserv which specialises in the installation of water meters. This is about a year before the water meter tender.

Now, numerous European companies also wanted to buy Siteserv and offered way more money for the company (which then owed €100 million to Anglo Irish Bank and was completely insolvent).

The Irish Government allows the sale of the company to Denis O Brien with the €100 million owed to Anglo (now state owned – i.e. by you) written off.

Some gamble for Denis to buy a company with €100 million written off and with no guarantee of a lucrative water meter contract. A business in an area where he has no previous experience or competence.

Siteserv subsequently bids in the EU tendering process and, lo and behold, wins. The contract is for hundreds of millions of Euros.

Now, enter Irish Water. The CEO [John Tierney] of which used to be the financial officer of an organisation which spent €100 million of Irish taxpayer’s money on the process to build an incinerator in Dublin – a process which involved what the EU recently found to be an illegal contract between Dublin City Council and consultancy firm RPS.

No incinerator was ever built or will ever be built but €100 million, again of your money, is gone – and John is now the CEO of Irish Water. No minutes of meetings – which spent €100 million of your money were ever recorded – the money is just gone.

John then installs his homeboys and homegirls from the Poolbeg project to Irish Water – citing the abysmal salaries at Irish Water as the reason why nobody else would apply for these jobs.

People who were direct beneficiaries of the Poolbeg are now newly fledged semi-state employees.

This is just the latest episode of the calamity that is Ireland Inc. The biggest langer in this solar system is the Irish taxpayer. We haven’t a chance – no matter who we vote for.

But, we’re great craic.

‘Shane Florish’ source: http://www.denisobriennews.com/?p=11


Water Tax ( Open letter to Mr. Phil Hogan )

We are now been threatened with the withdrawal of water services if we don’t pay this latest troika tax .This is a tax on people’s right to life .This is a direct threat to families and it is a matter of life and death! How do you respond when thugs threaten your life and that of your family ????When Thugs try to extort money from you and your family??? Minster Hogan you are forcing the hand of the ordinary decent people of Ireland: Our right to water is been threatened and therefore our right to live by the state, and I personally will take on any means to defend my constitutional right to defend my home and family from an out of touch state and its servants by whatever means I can muster .I hold you personally and the rest of the government and its servants responsible for any attack on my home or my family .You are wrong and this double taxation on our homes and water is not right. You are using the power entrusted to you and your government by me and the people of Ireland you have betrayed this thrust and you are no longer acting on behalf of the people of Ireland but rather corporate greedy parasites who are slowly forcing our people to become their personal cash cows! We the people have had enough. We will not pay for the private gambling debts of you pals from the banks and the building industry; we will not forgive this treacherous act on the people of Ireland. I demand the immediate stop to this outrageous and blatant attempt to subdue gate me and my family into a position of financial slavery and bondage to your greedy industrial pals .
Mise le mass
Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


“Resident’s Movement for Political change”

I hope this is OK to post here but these times we live in, demand we take extraordinary measures to get our message out there for the sake of our community and country!

“Resident’s Movement for Political change” was established in Wicklow town 6 years ago and we are now re-launching it:

Residents in Wicklow, say no to the privatization of our Water, Our Health system, Our Education system, the tax on our homes, tolls on our roads, and evictions from our Homes! Where will it end? We want to stand by with our Neighbours and our local community and together we will overcome the corporate greed that is destroying the country!  Join the “Resident’s Movement for Political change” here! We are not affiliated to any of the established political parties who have sold off the people into financial slavery! We want to set up a local task force who will come to the aide at a moment’s notice to residents  who are about to lose their homes  through the treat of evection and who refuse to allow private water meters on to their property ! The time has now come for residents to stand together and face down those who would threaten our right, to clean water, education, a home and our right to decent work and a decent pension, and health care system for our aged.

Thank you all

  Join or Like the “Resident’s Movement for Political change” here! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Residents-Movement-for-Political-change/142485642465566



I drove down to Newbridge to be at the re launch of the Land League

their new web site is here: www.thelandleague.com

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We must drive out the parasites who have sold out Ireland !

I have come to the conclusion that we in Ireland are now been sold off the corporate dictatorship of multinational corporations. Yes it doesn’t matter what combination of the political musical chairs we get after each so called free election we end up with the same unelected advisors, the same top incompetent civil servants who can spend up to 40 years in various government departments and during that time feather the various departments with relatives and insider pals. The National media is the most important tool any country has and ours is in the hands of a TAX Exile who dictates to the puppet government of the day. Anybody who steps out of line has his or her dirt y laundry splashed all over the place so you see we don’t have democracy in this country. We have been sold off to the highest bidder and we now must pay for the privilege of just living, our water, our homes, our Health, our education and even our death’s are all commercialized. Our national resources have shamelessly been handed over to global criminals who have a track record that should land them before the international tribunal for crimes against humanity. Yes our own home-grown criminal parasitic politicians have taken their thirty pieces of silver and betrayed the thrust the gullible people of Ireland have placed in them!

WE as a Nation will continue to pay these parasites unless we can muster up enough brave selfless patriots who will now start turning the tables on these parasites and help rid our nation of them and their collaborators.  There is no need to wait to see if the next election will bring any change! IT WONT we will get a new mixture of the political musical chairs and the new parasites will just carry on from the last shower of thieves! Don’t take my word for it by all means wait for the next  rigged election where you only get on national TV if the corrupt powers want you to and if you have the big moneymen behind you as well! So in the meantime we can waffle on here and on Live-line or on other web portals and by doing so the corruption, the traitors, and their banker buddies will just laugh at us as they collect their lottery salaries and pensions! Has it occurred to anyone the corrupt government are quite happy to have thousands nicely tucked away at their PC instead of permanently on the streets demonstrating for social justice? I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of people affected by the penal austerity imposed by the dictatorship of the Troika but we are all just concerned with our own problems and we go and march down O Connell Street and march to the Dail and its all over after a few words from people we never even heard of until then! I believe we need to have a permanent presence on the street and if you are of the same opinion whatever your cause then let us all come together and arrange to take over the street and stay there until we get the change we and our country so desperately needs. This is our only way to show the corrupt politicians we mean to take back our country. The political system is rigged and good and honest men and woman cannot gain equal access to the established media as they do not have the financial means to pay for it nor do they have the “insider connections”. The cost of posters, travel and leaflet dropping is enormous and unless you have substantial financial backing you are going nowhere! It is even a major job in finding out the boundaries of your constituency! The established political parties have it all sown up between them after 90 years of having it all their own way they have managed to totally corrupt the entire political system ! We need a complete NEW system a system that gives back the decision making to the people of Ireland and not the self serving career political parasites who give away our nations natural assets and our national wealth whilst telling the rest of us we need to tighten our belts and pay the gambling debts of gangsters both here and abroad! The accumulated wealth some of these parasites have amasses is truly criminal.

No politician, at the end of his stint on the Dail gravy train should be better off that the citizens whom they are supposed to be serving!. The days of lottery salaries and pensions must be brought to a swift end all politicians whether retired or still in office, should receive no more that the average wage and the national pension > It is obvious that the pension should be paid to all citizens at the age of retirement (65 years) : No exceptions for politicians >No politician should be in office more than one term as do not need career politicians and the various Quango’s must be all shut down!

Other economic goals describing how we as a Nation can be self sufficient in energy, finance, education and jobs growth have been published in previous articles on this blog !

I call on all true patriots to come together and help bring down this corrupt political system of self-interest, greed and downright betrayal of the original promise of the deliration of the republic in 1916  to hold all in equal standing. All of the intuitions’ of this corrupt so called BA_NAMA REPUBLIC are totally corrupt and have sold out the people of Ireland. With the taxes on water, homes, education, wages, transport, communication all going to pay the interest on debts that are not ours we the ordinary citizens have been setup to pay this odious debt through every facet of our daily lives .We are nothing more than cash cows, cattle to be milked dry and then discarded when we grow old and infirm on to trolleys in drifty corridors in run down hospitals.

We can change all of this, we just need to come together and strike back and take back our country from these puppets of the multi corporations and their treacherous political collaborators in the Dial !!

Is Mise le mass

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Last night Senator Sean Ross declared that he was running as an independent for Dublin south

He also expressed the hope to support other independents from other movements such as our Residents Movement for Political Change .This is great news and a welcome boost for us, now more than ever we need to organize and bring our message of change, real change to our fellow downtrodden citizens in Wicklow.

As Sean Ross says in this video clip we must help bring real change by putting new independent people with no affiliations to the current corrupt  political parties, into the Dail

if we are going to deliver the necessary changes that will rid us of  the deadly grip of cronyism that is strangling our nations attempts to advance into the modern age we must now grasp this opportunity with both hands and take it.

As I said in an earlier posting  “You cannot have real change using the same old corrupt political parties the corrupt system has established! You must have new independent community movements that have no connections to the current corrupt political system and that have at their core values that will route out cronyism and gombeenism. For real change we must put new men and women who speak the truth and act exclusively in the interests of the people and not is the interests of outdated, clapped out political parties that have only looked after their own office holders by placing them in plumb jobs here in Ireland and elsewhere in the world”

In the following video clip Sean Ross expresses some of the very points I totally support and stand by and they would be core values for our movement .So if you agree with these points then please get involved and help us here in Wicklow to bring about real change in Wicklow politics.

With 20-30 new independents from all around the country we can at long last give the knockout blow to the corrupt political establishment that have destroyed our country and we will have a real chance to bring these criminals to justice ,isn’t it worth at least trying  to achieve this ??

Please help and get involved

Thomas Clarke Chairperson




Is It Time to Reinvent Fairness? This December’s budget must be one of the most regressive budgetsin the history of the Irish State. As a result of the proposed changes people on 85,000 to 250,000 Euro per annum will pay an additional 1-2% in tax. However, folks on 17,000 Euro per annum will pay an additional 12%. This policy is grossly unbalanced and unfair particularly when you realize that those in charge of the many 850 quangos that exist in the State are hopelessly overpaid.

For example: 1. Head of ESB: €752,568 2. Head of Dublin Airport Authority: €568,100 3.

Head of An Post: €500,000 4. Head of Coillte, the forestry commission €417,000 5.

Head of Voluntary Health Insurance: €412,003 6. Head of Bord Gais: €394,000 7.

Head of Bord na Mona (turf energy agency): €392,000 8. Head of RTE: (TV): €326,000 9.

Head of CIE (transport): €252,416 10. Head of Health Services Executive: €335,913

If these executive rates were modified and the 850 quangos abolished the savings would more that allow a faired distribution of the tax burden? Why was this not done? The current policy being adopted by Fianna Fail and the Greens seems to be pushing Irish politics further to the left as people are becoming increasingly shocked and disillusioned by the gross inequity of it all. If this trend continues, Labor, National Sinn Fein, the People before Profit Alliance, Independent Socialists and Non-Aligned Independents will form the next Irish government. This will render any real reform of the bloated State sector practically impossible and could herald more pain on an already beleaguered Irish middle class. Alternatives that could bring about a fairer taxation and a semi-state /public sector overhaul, plus banking restructure involving a new Irish commercial bank, enterprise development and focused retraining for the unemployed may not get the chance it so badly deserves.

We are ordinary parents, citizens, with no affiliations to any of the current political parties have formed “Residents Movement for Political Change” to bring about this badly needed change. Take the first step ,take action by going on to the web and check us out at www.thepressnet.com , e-mail 1machholz@gmail.com .Help give our people an alternative to the current twiddle dumb and twiddle Dee politicians

Join us now and help defend our country against the modern day financial terrorists.

Thomas Clarke

On the subject of ever higher Taxes please take the time and look at the video clips on “The theory of the Laffer Curve”

The current government’s policy of taxing workers and business up to the gills is only going to bring about less revenue I can see this already happening .I called a plumber two days ago to give me a quote on some pipe work I was thinking of getting done he quoted me two prices one cash price and one with a receipt needleless to say the cash price quote was a good 28 % cheaper now extrapolate that throughout the country. Taxing people so much doesn’t make sense ask Michael O Leary everybody knows he wants as much profit for Ryan air as possible but does he increases the prices he charges for flights no he is continues cutting his prices. That is why his company is one of the  largest airlines in the world.

I rest my case on Taxes this budget is a disaster for Ireland

 Our first public meeting

These video clips were taken off our servers by persons unknown so we were able to reload them here on this page  again







Date 30.11.2010 

 The Government have successfully brought private toxic gambling debts on to the backs of the bewildered taxpayers of this country .Twenty months after the financial meltdown of the banking system of this country, there has been no prosecutions, in fact the guilty have been rewarded with golden handshakes, pensions and in some cases promotions . The crisis which brought the IMF to Ireland shows no signs of abating. As we speak the full extent of the problem has not been fully comprehended. There are in effect 6 levels to the “Bad Debts” fiasco.  The following calculations are based on the latest central statistics office reports, in particular the section on external borrowings by Irish financial institutions.

1.         Insolvent Property Development Lending  (Cost Est.: 70 Billion EU.) 

2.         Unsustainable Annual Government Deficits (Cost Est: 60 Billion EU.) 

3.         Sovereign Debt Credit Rating Collapse (Cost Est: 20 Billion EU.) 

4.         Insolvent Consumer Debt Lending (Cost Est : 60 Billion EU.)

5.         Insolvent Mortgage Debt Lending (Cost Est: 100 BillionEU.)

6.         “Off Balance Sheet:   Mark To Market” Asset Value Collapse (Cost Est: 300 Billion EU.)

Total Cost to Ireland: When you add the sovereign borrowing of 80 Billion and add the cash line of 165 Billion in the banking system that currently cannot be funded independently (because the banks are bust) the total is 610+80+165= 855 Billion Euro.. As of 28.11.2010 we now here it is going to be 5.8% to be charged, but we will have to give up 17.5 billion ourselves from our national pension fund! Was this meant to be the future, handed down to out progeny? Surely it is time, once and for all, for this shambles to stop. As of this morning we are no longer an Independent sovereign Nation State. The gangster’s responsible ride off into the sunset assured of their generous pensions and perks the ordinary people of Ireland face years of austerity and severs financial stress! We demand a referendum: We are ordinary parents, citizens, with no affiliations to any of the current political parties have formed “Residents Movement for Political Change” to bring about this badly needed change. Take the first step and take action by going on to the web and check us out at www.thepressnet.com , e-mail 1machholz@gmail.com .Help give our people an alternative to the current twiddle dumb and twiddle Dee politicians  Join us now and help defend our country against the modern day financial terrorists.

Facebook link  http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=6147172660&topic=4910#!/pages/Residents-Movement-for-Political-change/142485642465566        

Thomas Clarke 



The IMF just doesn’t stroll into a country for a chat and a cup of tea no they are here because they are our last hope of getting funds.

So what happened to our finances since yesterday according to Brian Lenihan we did not need any help?

We were supposed to have enough funds to meet the countries needs and commitments up to the middle of next year remember? So Lenihan will have us believe he arrived this morning to find the IMF inside his office along with the Germans (that have been there since last week) anyway now that we all know that the IMF are here what are they going to do? My best guess is that they will be trashing out the conditions of a significant loan to the Irish State .The EU has already pumped 130 Billions into the toxic bankrupt banks and they cannot or won’t go any further without taking full control over the Banks at this stage because the derivates and other huge losses that still remain hidden from the public with the help from the Department of Finance are not been acknowledged. These losses must be in the tens of Billions and the Irish State does not have the earnings capacity to meet its obligations under the blanket guarantees given to them by the incompetent Irish government. The EU was not and is still not aware of the total figure that these losses will amount to and that is one of the reasons we have the IMF in the Department of Finance today they do not trust the figures coming from Cowen or lenihan and they have decided to come and check things out for themselves. So where does leave us? Well I expect to see the rest of the banks Nationalized with the funds made available to the Irish Government and the government will be at pains to tell us the gullible public that this is just a loan from friends and nothing has really changed except we are in a better financial position as a result of their tremendous efforts on our behalf. There will be no mention of the fact that we now must ask our minders for permission to go to the toilet and we are no longer a republic but a Nation of debt servicers enslaved to the same bondholders that caused this disaster in the first place .


       we shouldn’t have to wait for things get as bad as they are in this video clip

E-mail    1machholz@gmail.com

Thank You




Heatherbrook/Wicklow Town

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  2. For my reckoning, I would like to see the following at least considered and discussed;-

    *Flexible age entry to third level education, taking away the emphasis on 18 year old entry, and new criteria developed for third level entry (bin the contradictory points system).
    *Greater emphasis at third level on access, teaching how to learn (not just subjects), applied learning in the workplace, alternative learning styles, and employer integration.
    *Removal of teachers who are not qualified at graduate level to teach the subjects they deliver at second level.
    *Complete separation of the education system from the church.
    *Third level institutions to be paid on the basis of the number of students they retain, not just register.
    *Courses available at third level and through national training authorities to be based on regional / national skills audit to reflect industry / service needs (as decided by employers), NOT just to reflect the skill set of permanent lecturing staff – some of whose expertise has become redundant.
    *Vocational guidance teachers in schools to be immediately replaced by professional recruiters and industry standard vocational profilers (from non-teaching back grounds).
    *A grant system to allow local people to buy houses at reduced rates where elderly relatives live nearby. Being recently priced out of your own neighbourhood ultimately presents a massive cost to the state inn terms of future elderly care.
    *The current civil & public service to be disbanded forthwith, and replaced by new publicly audited commercial organisations who guarantee to offer genuine value for money, and achieve genuine targets.
    *Replacement of all staff and management in the public / civil service who are not qualified to hold their current positions.
    *Recruitment / employment in the civil service to be based around a performance related, fixed term contract of 10 years (with the option to renew if performance has been credible).
    *Massive investment in Irish SME’s, particularly manufacturing, to remove the vulnerability when global organisations decide to play monopoly.
    *A fair and equal tax system that facilitates a greater distribution of wealth when we all perform well, and doesn’t just reply on middle income earners.
    *Cessation of all union employee’s who also also sit on the boards of management of state and semi-state organisations, such cosy relationships represent conflict of interest is not in the public interest.
    *Government fines on corporate companies who attempt to inflate fair price of fuel, commercial goods, vehicles, housing, and groceries (effectively a fair cap on capitalisation and profiteering and restriction of supply and demand pricing practices).
    *Nationally agreed rates on professional services like health, dental, legal services, accountancy, and other consultants, that are realistic and proportionate to the service delivered, and the professional level of competency of that practitioner.
    *Create a health service designed around the primary focus of education and prevention, rather than mere symptom management. Every citizen has the right to full diagnostic investigation that has the ability to detect physiological changes that may indicate future disease, rather than suffer and endure timely delays and limited options that only insure palliative care is the only option.
    *Remove the GP as the sole route for seeking specialist medical care and out patient services. ‘The wait and see, while you pay another fee’ methodology is simply killing people who might otherwise of survived. GP’s referral protocols must be examined, and the right of appeal to non-medical authorities developed.
    *Create a unified health service where a patients medical records is held in ONE comprehensive computer file. That the file is available anywhere in the country to reduce the massive expenditure every year spent on misdiagnosis, unnecessarily repeated tests, and people dying simply because medical practitioners were not in a position to view all the evidence on a patient in the one place.
    *Create a financial system where money generated and made in Ireland, can not be so easily sent out to push up the economy of another country, particularly when that money comes from social welfare payments afforded by the Irish taxpayer.
    *Recipients who seek government financial assistance do so on the basis of exchange for community service if previous tax contributions are insufficient.
    *EEC welfare claimants should only receive payments exactly to the equivalence to payments from their home county, unless they have made sufficient contributions to the Irish economy to claim parity.
    *Payments made to non-Irish workers should be made on the basis of the claimants home nation agreeing to compensate the Irish state to the same amount.
    *All companies to be privately audited in their efforts to encourage workplaces free of bullying, harassment, inequality; and managements compliance with all government legislation (tax, environment, safety, employment rights etc.).
    *Strict limits on bank loans to prevent repeated loans being granted before proportionate amounts are repaid.

    The aim ultimately be to create a thriving society where everyone who contributes, will benefit. When more wealth is shared, more will be spent creating a buoyant economy. By ‘dis-empowering’ that tiny sector of Irish persons who enjoy standing and stamping on the shoulders of others, and, ’empowering’ the career claimants who have learnt through disillusionment and micro-cultures of their ‘right’ to screw the system; the message is there is another way, we can dictate our lives, we have the right to speak and be heard, and we don’t have to swallow bull shit.

    I am not a communist, a Marxist, or a anarchist, … I am just an average person who does my fair bit, pays my taxes, sees a sad decay in Irish life, and has a strong sense of justice and living in a ethical way. I’m tried of feeling angry, I’m drained of hearing (and being expected to believe) services and government bodies saying how marvellous they are as they stand up to their necks in shit. I’m afraid that the state we’re in has not been so drastic that the proposed solution will be any better than the problems Ireland already faces. More rhetoric of the same crap, same old lies, just different faces. I want to scream I am not an idiot, and how dare you treat me like one. Did you think I wouldn’t notice the slow release tactic of informing us of ‘someone else’s’ errors, or how the figures just don’t add up, or how the shady people responsible ominously appear to almost incestuously related and connected (and then magically relocated to another prominent position all geared up for their next attempt at fraud, deception, and incompetence on a biblical scale).

    We have lost our virtues to stand up and question what is right, we have no honour by bearing witness to all that has happened and remaining passive,…. we simply endure shame, our greatest Catholic tradition.

  3. Jelmpsych
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and for taking time to put them down on paper I share most of you observations and the frustration of not knowing where to find the answers
    But I do know if we remain silent nothing will change
    Thank again for you contribution

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  5. Derivatives…the next financial bomb!

  6. Having looked at all the blogs and thought about and discussed all the problems on Ireland’s demise, I am convinced that no solution will be found until we first identify the enemies of the Irish State, ie a shit-list of those who by the actions and/or statements and/or their inflated and unjustified incomes.
    Such people can then be marginalized unless and until they come good by ‘purging’ thermselves of their wrongdoings (including handing back ill-gotten gains and obscene incomes / fees etc. effectively stolen from the Irish people.
    The list will include politicians, professionals and shysters or every hue. The blacklisting of these should be done as a first step so that anything they might have to say can be taken in context (or preferrably ignored) so that the process of repair can begin.
    It seems clear that Ireland needs to re-establish its own currency, aligned to Sterling and to dis-engage from € and $ dependency. We need to engage strongly with China, India and the Nordic countries and rid ourselves of false friends in Europe and the slavery of globalization that is America.
    We need to box clever in this however, taking a step by step approach.

  7. Hi
    Most Irish citizens desire change but that change will never come as long as the citizens wait for the political parties to act. Many of the so-called democracies in Europe, and the USA, are dysfunctional because of the political system which is in place. It wil fail every time because the very foundations on which it is based is merely a continuation of a feudal hierarchical power structure. The citizens have no power at all. They are just as oppressed as in feudal times. THIS ISN’T DEMOCRACY AT ALL. Just a pretence.

    I have written a ‘book’ which explains just how dysfunctional the whole system is, from the first day of our ‘Independence’ to today. A very sorry tale. It is free. It is available to real online or to download. The web site is: http://www.IrishCitizen.ie and after reading it you will have some idea of what needs to be done to grab the Nation’s power from the greedy and incompetent politicians back where it should belong – in the hands of the citizens.

    Lou Gogan

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