What is truth?



The old political classes are now so out of touch with the ordinary people of Ireland and they have sold themselves to the international bondholders who now have free rain over the country and its resources  

They talk of pleasing the markets and they have forgotten their constitutional duty to their real masters the Irish People. We in the Residents movement for political change are determined to change all that!

A new movement like ours is up against enormous challenges the political system is designed to hinder groups such as ours without funds and influence we are dependent on the generosity of well wishers and members annual membership fees.

We are determined to stand up against the vested interests that have taken over our countries resources and we call on all decent people to contribute whatever funds they can to help with this patriotic duty we have taken upon ourselves.

Please donate to our cause

Look what the world media says about the so-called bailout for Ireland

Thank You

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