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Contact us at this e-mail address


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  1. Donal Buckley said:

    and again yes please forward info on this

    Donal Buckley

  2. Hi Thomas
    I have been reading through your blog and I believe it to be the best info on the current state of affairs here in Ireland, I also read your piece on the need for a new political system, I myself am part of Direct Democracy Ireland. I believe DDI represents the best hope for Ireland, if your are not familiar with the movement our websites are http://directdemocracyireland.ie/ https://www.facebook.com/directdemocracyireland

    There is a need to start a branch in Wicklow. DDI is basically a people’s movement where the people elect a representative who will be their representative not the vested interests rep. Our hope is to bring back in a system of consultative democracy rather than the current system of representative democracy, a system where the people may impose a sanction on any decision taken by government that the people do not agree with. Under Direct Democracy an elected candidate can be recalled if corrupt or ineffective and a another elected man or woman can go in their place. There is a lot more to this, this is just an intro.
    Brian Whelan

  3. Hi Thomas we are proposing to hold a meeting at the Grand Hotel Wicklow, possibly on the 30th of Jan 2014 at 8 pm – this to be confirmed, it would be great if you came along or know of like minded people who may be interested in hearing what we have to say, we will have several speakers including the leader of Direct Democracy Ireland -Ben Gilroy give a talk.

  4. Actually the Direct Democracy Ireland Wicklow launch will be at the Beehive Bar & Restaurant on the 30 Jan 2014 at 8 pm, Confirmed speakers will be Jan Van De Vin on DDI.

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