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Gormley getting his photo taken


So Mr.Gormely will grace Wicklow to-day to grab a photo opportunity with the help of the New Wicklow water scheme

However he is conveniently forgetting the daly problems we in our estate have with raw sewerage floating down the local stream.

This in spite of us having written to him several times this year alone about this problem

Instead of prancing around having his photo taken he should come down to our estate and see for himself what we the residents have to put up with for the last 15 years

Mr.Gormely has done nothing to stop this pollution.

Mr.Gormely you are a man of inaction, forget about you grandstanding and start doing the job you were elected to do, namely protection of the environment

A case of “out of sight out of mind” Mr.Gormely?


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Residents association

Robin living in our post box!

Coming back home the other day I noticed a little Robin just fly past me as I got out of the car and then yesterday I noticed this stuff in  the paper post box section ,at first I thought the children were playing with moss,

Then to-day as I arrived home again I saw this Robin come out of the post box

So she has set herself up in our post box

so watch this space and see if we are going to have  a new family living in our post box!

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