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Wicklow towns roads

Andrew Doyle
(Wicklow, Fine Gael)


Wicklow County Council has been given €850,000 to maintain its roads in 2010. With three weeks gone in the year and 49 weeks to go, I estimate that between €500,000 and €600,000 of that annual fund has been spent already. One of today’s newspapers reported that approximately €150 million – I imagine that was an educated guess – is needed to repair the damage done to this country’s roads in recent times. That equates to an average of approximately €4 million for each affected local authority. It is encouraging that the Minister of State from the capital city is present in the Chamber. It seems that his senior colleague, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, who represents a neighbouring constituency, did not take this crisis seriously until it started to affect the city. As my colleagues have said, road infrastructure is the key to road safety. It is also the key to attracting investment, business and tourism. It is right that the road from the hotel in Glendalough to the upper lake car park was repaired last Sunday to make the road passable. However, another section of road not too far away, which is used for access by a milk lorry, was not repaired. If something positive is to come out of all of this, it is that local employment will have to be created as money is spent locally to repair our roads. If this is not addressed, we will have no road infrastructure in 12 months’ time.


Nice one Andrew, However I would argue that the roads in the town’s would need to be given priority as the car repair business is booming and workers cannot afford the constant repairs .This week alone I had to fork out 550 Euros for wheel Barings and the garage man tells me it was because of the various pot holes in and around the Abby street and Marlton road junction in Wicklow Town

Collecting my children from school is lethal as the potholes are getting bigger and bigger (near the Wicklow Montessori school) also outside the Abby National school

The whole road needs to be urgently resurfaced (Dublin Road & Abby Road ,Wicklow Town)

Faulty window mechanism on “Renault scenic”

Back to Renault rip off

Here is the Part that I have had to purchase as you can see in the video clip

this piece is what you will find inside your door the moving parts are all plastic apart from the motor so in practice, it is built in that you will have a problem a couple of years after you purchase you car

The spear part costs 375 euro and if you have to get the mechanic to put it in you are talking about an hour labour (that is what they will charge) 120 + Vat so all told you would be looking at 500euro +

What a rip off

For those of you who would like to put this in themselves I will make a video clip to show you how to open the door panels and take out the “Faulty window mechanism” and replace it with the new one

world of a scenic Renault owner

Welcome to the horrid world of a scenic Renault owner. 5.07.2009

The Models I have are the 03 version Wife’s car and the 04 version Mine

I got about the first 9 months out of my own car and the first year out of my wife’s car before we started to have a Latina of technical problems

Wife’s car

1 the air conditioner in the wife’s car broke down

2 the front lights wouldn’t work

3 all 4 tires needed to be replaced before the first service were due!

4 rear passenger side windows fell out

5 steering wheels began to shake so much had to have some bushel removed and replaced

6 Heating in car broke down

7 sun roof wouldn’t no open and then when eventually opened would not close.

8 front passenger window fell out

9 exhaust needed replacing after 2 years mechanic said it was just one of those things

10 the Renault dealership that was nearest to us closed down two times and is for the third time closed down for good now

My Car

  1. all 4 tires had to be replaced after 9 months
  2. Front lights wouldn’t work
  3. rear reversing lights wouldn’t work
  4. air conditioner wouldn’t work
  5. sun roof opened and closed during driving by it self
  6. replaced all lights in the car after one month halve had to be replaced again
  7. Funny noise coming from motor had to replace timing belt, Renault Ireland says at every 40 thousand kilometres because of Irish weather!
  8. Renault charged 1500 euro got wife’s car done for 350 euro at
    Loughlinstown charges 180 euro. link
    ADVANCE PIT STOP in Loughlinstown.
  9. General Service at Renault is 300 euro plus,
  10. garage in Arklow charges 99 euro
  11. currently My driver’s side back passenger window has fallen out and Renault wants 375 for a replacement unit
  12. My wife’s dash board has gone blank and I am a waiting to hear from Renault what their diagnostic turn out to be


    I hear that Mr. Bill Cullen has given up the Renault franchise for new car sales but he is holding on to the Parts division “The cute Hu***!

    This is an invitation to all Renault owners.

    I propose to highlight any and all problems that this model has and with your help we might be able to break up this cosy cartel in after sales service and get a fairer deal on spear parts.

    So if you have this model then please do send in your experiences and we will succeed in getting a better deal for all Renault owners in the County

    Come to think of it I extend this invention to all car makers.

    Here is a link to a site I found this morning. http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/scenic/trouble.html

  13. and    http://www.renaultforums.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=19

    I would not take a new Renault if you paid me to do so.

    Without doubt, it has being the most disastrous car model, I have ever owned, and I would not wish it on my worst enemy!

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