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Wicklow Sail festival (Day two)

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Another glorious day here in sunny Wicklow
This year’s Sail festival has gotten off to a fantastic start and if you haven’t gotten down to Wicklow Town yet you still have the rest of the day to get here
At the Historic Gaol there is music entertainment
Open air concert staring First Cut
Then Brian Meakin and then Feedback
At the Forge we have East Coast Jazz Band in the Beer garden and later there will be music from the seventies &eighties in the late bar

Wicklow round Ireland Sail Festival (slide show)

Fantastic day to-day at the Wicklow round Ireland Sail Festival

This has to be the best ever; the crowds came in their thousands. I caught these individuals  coming down the main street apparently he ,(the guy in black) was the Jailer and he was on the lookout for prisoners that escaped from Wicklow Jail

SAILFEST :Wicklow Town This Weekend!

Come to Wicklow

From the 18th to the 20th of June we have in Wicklow Town a great weekend of activities

The Round Ireland Sail Festival 2010

With Air displays Mardi gras Fancy Dress and the American Drifters, the Garda Band and plenty of Traditional Music (see attached brochure)

Here Wicklow Town Sail Fest 2010

So come on down to Wicklow Town and have yourself a ball and why not stay for the weekend!

Wicklow Arts Festival

Wicklow towns roads

Andrew Doyle
(Wicklow, Fine Gael)


Wicklow County Council has been given €850,000 to maintain its roads in 2010. With three weeks gone in the year and 49 weeks to go, I estimate that between €500,000 and €600,000 of that annual fund has been spent already. One of today’s newspapers reported that approximately €150 million – I imagine that was an educated guess – is needed to repair the damage done to this country’s roads in recent times. That equates to an average of approximately €4 million for each affected local authority. It is encouraging that the Minister of State from the capital city is present in the Chamber. It seems that his senior colleague, the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, who represents a neighbouring constituency, did not take this crisis seriously until it started to affect the city. As my colleagues have said, road infrastructure is the key to road safety. It is also the key to attracting investment, business and tourism. It is right that the road from the hotel in Glendalough to the upper lake car park was repaired last Sunday to make the road passable. However, another section of road not too far away, which is used for access by a milk lorry, was not repaired. If something positive is to come out of all of this, it is that local employment will have to be created as money is spent locally to repair our roads. If this is not addressed, we will have no road infrastructure in 12 months’ time.


Nice one Andrew, However I would argue that the roads in the town’s would need to be given priority as the car repair business is booming and workers cannot afford the constant repairs .This week alone I had to fork out 550 Euros for wheel Barings and the garage man tells me it was because of the various pot holes in and around the Abby street and Marlton road junction in Wicklow Town

Collecting my children from school is lethal as the potholes are getting bigger and bigger (near the Wicklow Montessori school) also outside the Abby National school

The whole road needs to be urgently resurfaced (Dublin Road & Abby Road ,Wicklow Town)

Instead of innovation we have stagnation

Living in Wicklow Town for the past 16 years, it is so disappointing that with a fantastic natural amenity on our door step (The Sea, the river and the lakes, the nature reserve along the murrough) nothing or nobody has come up with a plan to use this natural resource for the local people or indeed the local tourist trade

We have the habit here in Ireland to just put up with our lot.

Instead of innovation we have stagnation

As it was when I first came here, the youth of the town will have nothing to do and no prospects

Of any work and will inevitably leave the town

A town with no prospects of growth will die, unless somebody will take the first step in using the resources that are available to our community

Why isn’t there any help coming from our local representatives this is the time for out of the Box thinking Lads

Common sense please!

Local Wicklow Business need your support !

In the current climate all around the country the local authorities muss become more user friendly and business friendly

People putting their money down to create business activity must be helped and not hindered

Enterprise is the way forward and the penal rates must now be looked at again in fact I maintain that there is an onus now on the local authorities to refund local business up to 50 %

As business are struggling to meet their costs and cannot compete with the large shopping centres like Dumdum

We need to hold on to local commerce and taxing them out of existence is not the way forward

A bit of common sense is called for Ladies and Gentleman!

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