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Wicklow Town Cinema

At the last local elections in Wicklow some of the now elected councillors promised to do something about the derelict cinema building

I suppose those promises were just that, empty promises that were easily forgotten along with all the rest of them!

That’s what you get when you don’t vote for change!

It is quite shocking to hear we had two cinemas in Wicklow Town in the 1920,s

With 2,650 thousand people out of work in the town why it is not possible to re-open this building as a centre for the self help groups for the unemployed and as a centre of community activity

More and more shops are closing and new ones are not lasting because of the unrealistic overheads

Water charges, rates, rents and insurances

I suggest the county counsel should introduce a municipal insurance

An insurance that all the retailers and trades people pay into and the premium should be paid directly to Lloyds of London cutting out the middle man

This insurance should include public labiality and would reduce the costs enormously

Why the hell not???

This kind of innovative thinking is required if we want to get the town back on its feet again

Common sense please!

Local Wicklow Business need your support !

In the current climate all around the country the local authorities muss become more user friendly and business friendly

People putting their money down to create business activity must be helped and not hindered

Enterprise is the way forward and the penal rates must now be looked at again in fact I maintain that there is an onus now on the local authorities to refund local business up to 50 %

As business are struggling to meet their costs and cannot compete with the large shopping centres like Dumdum

We need to hold on to local commerce and taxing them out of existence is not the way forward

A bit of common sense is called for Ladies and Gentleman!

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