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abused over decades


A national memorial will be erected in Ireland for tens of thousands of children who were abused over decades in church-run institutions. So it was claimed to-day .Children’s Minister Barry Andrews said a national day of remembrance for survivors and those who died at the hands of sexual, emotional and physical torture is also being considered.

Mr Andrews insisted the Cabinet has rubber-stamped the 25 million euro (£21.5 million) plan to deal with what he branded a dark passage of Irish history.

Dark is not the word I would use here it is shameful, and what about naming the Minsters who were responsible for allowing these crimes to continue for years

Why are these people not brought before the courts of the land?

They are still enjoying massive pensions when the victims are subject to levies and dole cuts

It’s not enough to say we will do something

Action speaks louder than words, we’ve had enough of false promises!

Talk 2 Joe


Irish radio stations are doing a good job for the Government!

With the right presenters in place they will continue to do so for years to come!

We here in Ireland have a habit of complaining about everything and anything on the air waves

I don’t know why, maybe because we think that by airing our grievances we think that we are doing something about them

It muss suite the ruling classes that we do this because the alternative would mean the end of their rule over us

I suppose we might get the idea to go out on to the streets and just make the changes we all seem to talk about all the time on these radio shows

These radio shows have their own guanos like the presenters have become superstars themselves and they also are in receipt of huge salaries

one of the was reputed to be receiving over 760,000:00 Euro a year now to put flesh on these bones that’s 3 Times the salary of the American President the most powerful man on the planet

The head of the HSE is receiving 500.000: Euro that is 2 Times the American Presidents salary

Should I go on I think not because I am depressed enough!

We must stop whinging over the air waves and take to the streets if we want to change anything in this country

All other avenues are in the hands of the ruling elite,

Is there a cosy circle in RTE?

Unless you have a Brother or Aunty or have Friends in there you won’t be able to get a job there

The current batch of presenters are paid way over the top for such a small country

But who will be brave enough and tell them over the air this?

Answer: You won’t get the chance!

We all become equal in the end!

Irish Justice 2


I hear Last year, 276 people were sent to jail for an average of three weeks for non-payment of civil debts (Irish Independent, June 15).

Five inhabitants in one large housing estate are currently fighting to avoid imprisonment for failing to comply with court orders to pay installments on credit union loans. One, an unemployed mother of two, is unable to pay back money she borrowed for her newborn baby’s funeral. A father of two was jailed over failing to continue paying his installments on a €7,000 credit union car loan after he became redundant.

These are ordinary people simply trying to salvage the bare necessities of life and retain their self-respect.

But this excuse doesn’t get any sympathy, in the law courts of the land.

There are Currently 50 top borrowers who it is believed to have, up to €50bn of the €80bn unpaid development loans due to be transferred at a bargain price to NAMA

One of the country’s largest developers is understood to have borrowings in excess of €2bn and it is believed several others have loans exceeding €1bn.

None of these individuals will ever see the inside of a jail and they continue to live in their palatial dwellings the banks and courts deal with these people completely different from the first 276 poor people I was talking about

No Doubt this second group of people place themselves above the rest of us and expect their money will keep them there too!

As I write this

I here on the radio that the tea pots belonging to Charles Haughey are going for auction

This important man was the countries Prime Minster during the 1980’s and bought a lot of shirts I am told and he got very rich as well!

He is currently lying 6 feet under in some cemetery north of the city of Dublin and I dare say not getting many visitors

This man it has emerged was excused hundreds of thousands of pounds of bad debts by one of the country’s largest banks whilst in political office

Last week I read that another well known politician (still knocking around) got similar treatment from another bank namely Bank of Ireland

The elevated egos of the rich and the powerful in this country is a throwback from the last century

What these individualist need to know is that this life in nothing more than a train journey and their stop will come soon enough!

They will then have to get off at their last stop.

Nobody complains in the cemetery!

We are all equal here; there are no rich and no poor

No inflated egos

We are all equal

All of us end up forgotten about, in the end!

You just fade away!

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