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Why should it be any different here in Ireland?

Economic uncertainties around the world are expected to provide continued support for gold these concerns have led investors to gobble up gold in the second quarter
The World Gold Council said demand for gold-backed exchange-traded funds rose 414% compared to the second quarter of 2009
Why?? People just cannot ignore what they see on the ground
With next to no credit available, Unemployment still is rising(currently at 13.5% ) and emigration heading to record highs here in Ireland.
Announcements from incompetent government ministers who have lost all creditability with every figure coming from the department of finance been wrong be miles what do you think savvy investor are doing?
Investors are making the switch from buying gold only in times of crisis to having gold as part of a diversified portfolio
So if the savvy investors don’t believe the Department of Finance why should the ordinary Joe soap?
The fact is that governments around the western world are lying to their peoples and we in Ireland should expect nothing better from the crooks that are running our country
In my opinion we are heading Down Down Down as long as these GobS**** stay in power
We need a Government that can layout the true facts, come up with a realistic solutions however though it may eventually be and a time plan so we the people can see a what progress is been made
however difficult .
Once the markets know exactly what the facts are it will react and recover and we can expect to see confidence come back into the economy
we need a general election as I believe we are been kept in the dark by the ruling élite that are hiding the true scale of the financial disaster we are now in, caused by the very people that they are hell bent on bailing out !
Come clean now!

Preliminary findings on the Dow Crash


ON the 06.05.2010 US stock markets had a mini crash, with the Dow falling 1000 points in 11 minutes .

It recovered and eventually closed down 629 points down.

I believe we will see more of these mini intraday crashes and they may even become severe we could even see intraday drops of two thousand points or even more,

the complexity of the trades now been used are far beyond the normal traders and computers are now using Flash trades done in minutes and seconds and billions are at stake, most of this done in shadow derivatives that have a direct impact on what we the normal punter believe is the market but of course it no longer the case.

These shadow markets are where the real markets are to be found, and it is an “unregulated market” and exclusively the preserve of the big Hedge funds and the large global bank players.

To put it in a nutshell the Dow and the NASDAQ are just side shows for the foot folk and is totally manipulated .So when entering this market take this into consideration in you trades!

Attached is a report of the preliminary findings by the staffs of the U.S. Commodity Futures

Trading Commission and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The

Commissions have expressed no view regarding the preliminary analysis or conclusions

Contained herein.

full PDF report here Flash Crash Report[1]

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