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march against Government policies (1)


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UP to 75,000 yesterday took to the streets to protest at €4bn in proposed Budget cuts — but the only thing that had changed by last night was that the country was €70m deeper in debt.

And Taoiseach Brian Cowen and his Cabinet insisted the Government would press ahead with the cuts in the Budget.

Last night, Mr. Cowen’s spokesman said the march would not shrink the gaping hole in the public finances.

When the marches were over, Defense Minister Willie O’Dea told the Irish Independent that the Government still had to take the difficult decisions.


Everybody seems to have forgotten who it was that got us into this mess in the first place .Mr.Cowen and Mr.Lenihan and the their Green Lackeys are responsible and when and not if the fireworks get started the people will hopefully get justice

The corrupt bankers and the incompetence of the financial regulator’s office must be addressed as well

We must take back all the golden handshakes that were given out to these crooks and criminal precautions must be sought

All bankers that were involved must be stripped of their pensions and other assets and these given back to the people who have lost their jobs and pensions

These fraudsters should be on trial for treason and the loss financial independence of Ireland

If the Government is looking for money they should go to the Irish permanent they have 7,000,000,000:00 sloshing  around to help out friends in distress!

Workers making a stand!

Workers staging a sit-in at the Thomas Cook travel agency on Grafton Street are facing the prospect of being sent to prison after deciding not to abide by a final High Court order to vacate the premises by 7pm.

The High Court this evening heard that despite being advised by their legal team of the consequences, the 45 employees would be continuing their sit-in.

More than 40 workers, who are set to lose their jobs, are demanding a better redundancy deal from the company which has decided to close its Dublin offices.

It has to be noted that this company is a very profitable one making some 400 million this year and they are trying to pawn off their loyal staff with a pittance

The staff is making a stand a very rare stance in Ireland these days

The High court was very quick to threaten the staff with jail terms and this for workers fighting for their livelihood

The Courts haven’t made any pronouncements of the crooks still controlling the country’s banks

And it will be a very cold day in Hell before any bank director or crooked politician gets to see the inside of the High court!

To the staff in Thomas Cook well done and I will be there to-morrow to support you all the way

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