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Reply from Tanaiste’s office

Tanaiste@entemp.ie to me

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Unemployment figures & the FAS Con!

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your email. I will bring it to the Tánaiste’s attention.

Yours sincerely,

Leigh Snedker

Tánaiste’s Office

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

23 Kildare Street

Dublin 2

To All TD’s

Give us jobs, results, not SoundBits!

The Government is busy telling us, they must fix the banking system first and then the finances of the country

This is all well and dandy but what about the likes of the hundreds of thousands of people like me who are unemployed?

Mr Cowen got up in the Dail yesterday and told the people that FAS was delivering courses for the unemployed. This is not what my personal experience shows

FAS was to do a course on web design ,starting on Sep 28th ,I applied for this course in February ,I heard nothing until I complained about the lack of information to FAS and I was called to an assessment exam just two weeks before the course was to begin

Here I was told that the course I was supposed to attend was no longer available; it was cancelled just like that

The FAS teacher went on to tell approximately 28 other people in the class that FAS was cancelling many more courses because of their budget problems

We were then told that the original course was now just 12 weeks (instead of 37 weeks ) and that the modules that were taken out were now included in the new requirements all candidates would have to have to attend the NEW 12 week course

All they did was to cut the original course from 37 weeks to 12 weeks to save money

Needless to say I was not successful in getting on to the new course because of these late changes!

I have heard from FAS in the last week informing me of a part  time course again which is of no use to me as it will not result in me getting any job

What a Joke cutting courses when they should be putting on more courses that have real job’s prospects at the end of such courses

We need Jobs and not time wasting courses that are just filling in the rhetoric of out of touch politicians

An educated, available workforce, is more likely to be offered jobs

We need up skilling and re-education as a matter of national emergency

Where do we fit into your National Emergency Plan???

Gambling institution, Anglo Irish Bank

It has now being revealed that the former Chairman of the Board of Anglo Irish Bank is not paying the interests on the 100.000.000 loans he has taken out from the Bank.

Some 400.000:00Euros every month is not being paid ,this in spite of having so called Directors especially put their to oversee the Board of the bank and represent the public interest

We the public are again flabbergasted at the shear brazenness at this Gambling institution

This casino must be closed down immediately and corruption charges brought against the fraudulent actions of some of the senior Directors

I can’t say which is worse the FAS fiasco, the turn coats Greens, the incompetent Minster of Finance or the completely out of touch Brian Cowen

We need to have a General Election to give a New Government a new Mandate nothing else will do now

Does she really care about me?

Dear Mr Clarke,

The Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Ms Mary

Coughlan TD, has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your email, she has

noted its contents.

Kind regards,

Tánaiste’s Office

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

23 Kildare Street

Dublin 2

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