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Work Placement Program Follow Up

Work Placement Program Follow up.

No Pay for the Unemployed

Following up from my morning’s letter to you I now discover, senior civil servants will not bear the full brunt of the promised cuts that were announced around the last Budget by the Minister

These servants of the people will get to keep up to 14 thousand euro, how many more FAS courses could be created with this money?

How can you now justify these new adjustments robbing the unemployed of a wage for a solid days work?

The Unemployed will not just sit down and be walked all over in this manor!

We want jobs and emergency up skilling measures now not rhetoric!

Talk 2 Joe (2)

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Talk 2 Joe


Irish radio stations are doing a good job for the Government!

With the right presenters in place they will continue to do so for years to come!

We here in Ireland have a habit of complaining about everything and anything on the air waves

I don’t know why, maybe because we think that by airing our grievances we think that we are doing something about them

It muss suite the ruling classes that we do this because the alternative would mean the end of their rule over us

I suppose we might get the idea to go out on to the streets and just make the changes we all seem to talk about all the time on these radio shows

These radio shows have their own guanos like the presenters have become superstars themselves and they also are in receipt of huge salaries

one of the was reputed to be receiving over 760,000:00 Euro a year now to put flesh on these bones that’s 3 Times the salary of the American President the most powerful man on the planet

The head of the HSE is receiving 500.000: Euro that is 2 Times the American Presidents salary

Should I go on I think not because I am depressed enough!

We must stop whinging over the air waves and take to the streets if we want to change anything in this country

All other avenues are in the hands of the ruling elite,

Is there a cosy circle in RTE?

Unless you have a Brother or Aunty or have Friends in there you won’t be able to get a job there

The current batch of presenters are paid way over the top for such a small country

But who will be brave enough and tell them over the air this?

Answer: You won’t get the chance!

178 jobs are to go

178 jobs are to go at electrical transformers components factory ABB in Waterford.

The company, which manufactures distribution transformers for the construction and utility markets in Ireland and the UK, will close its doors by the end of March 2010.

it was reported to-day

In a statement, the firm says it is closing because of ‘significantly lower orders and lack of potential business’.

ABB is a Swiss-Swedish-owned company and employs over 400 people at five different locations in Ireland.

The factory has been in operation in Waterford since 1951.

This is a major blow to the Waterford area and these jobs won’t be replaced anytime soon

With house prices falling and these workers now becoming unemployed I can’t see the construction industry coming back to life

This bad news will have a knock on effect expect to see more of these kind of headlines

Do you think the local TD’s and Ministers will be paying the mortgages of the newly arrivals on the dole queues

I know they will call for a task force to be set up and after a few months everybody will have forgotten all about these 178 people

That is why I call again for the unemployed to Unite and

Get active for yourself don’t wait for the local TD to spin you a yarn!

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