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Warning “Flash Crash” of May 6th.

One of my viewers has sent me a warning note to be passed on to all traders and investors please be aware that the “Flash Crash” of May 6th. was not an isolated incident.
I attach two recent examples of similar “events”. The forces that worked in May last are still alive and well see PDF Doc ” Dark Pool

Quarterly Market Brief & Stock Pick from Wealthbuilder.ie


On the 21st. May we wrote the following:

“Due to lower highs and lower lows on both the Dow Industrials and Dow Transports there is

now a change of trend in existence in the markets. How long this correction will continue no

one can be sure. A bounce can be expected at any time due to the fact that the market is

terribly oversold based on Stochastics and the McClennan Summation Index. However, I do

not think we have seen support lows in place yet. What is the reason for this capitulation? As

mentioned in my last brief I believed the “flash crash” of the 6th. May mortally wounded all

indices from a technical pointy of view. It will take some time, probably the whole summer,

before some degree of confidence is restored.”

full report in PDF here Wealthbuilder_Quarterly_Brief

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