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The Green Menace

Sargent to give payment to charity


The Green Party today confirmed former minister of state for food and agriculture, Trevor Sargent, would donate his ministerial severance payment to charity.

A spokeswoman said the payment had not been received yet but that Mr Sargent had indicated he would give it to the Society of the St Vincent De Paul.

The amount he is likely to receive has not been confirmed, but has been reported to be in the region of €47,000.

The Green menace!

This is great news for the St.Vincent De Paul, but let’s not go overboard on the singing of parses for this individual

Remember he was caught out lying about his contacts with the Garda

Anyway he and his band of green misfits, have an even greater crime to answer for ,the untold number of people that have taken their lives as a result of the gambling of the bankers with other people’s money and the rewarding of these same gangsters by the government Mr.Sargent has and still supports!

the wholesale dismantling of the health services and the total destruction of the educational system of this country!

This guy is no saint and his latest action in nothing short of a carefully choreographed photo shoot, designed to prop up the current dysfunctional government!

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