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What if this oil spill was off the coast of Ireland?


If this had happened in Irish waters the Government would have told the nation that we were all responsible and we must all put our shoulder to the wheel and help stop this well from leaking any more of our precious oil .They would also blame the single mothers and the Unemployed for using up badly needed financial resources that would otherwise be spent plugging the well.

A call for a national bond would be made and everyone in the work would be made pay a new oil cleanup carbon tax levy and the Unions would tell the members that we have no choice as this is the only option for the country

Gormley would employ a few green pals to count all the dead fish and Ryan would call for a national day of mourning .Brian lenihan would go on national TV to tell us we must tighten out collative belts yet another two notches!
Bertie Ahern would look for another “Dig out” from his pals to help pay his levy!
Having got it he would then seek an exemption from the revenue on the grounds he was a struggling artist!
The Government would then blame the protesters of shell to sea for the disaster and have them all thrown into jail!

Forget the minimum wage and work for nothing!

Work Placement Program (WPP)

Languishing on the Dole for the last 12 months and not in receipt of any payments (because I was self-employed) I heard about this program, and thought I would go down to the local FAS office here in Wicklow Town and enquire about this possibility for myself!

As usual I was met with the usual courtesy .The FAS officer reminded me that they were always available, no appointment was necessary and we got down to business

I wanted to know if there was a possibility I could take advantage of this program.

Cheerfully she informed me I would be eligible for this program (now we are getting places I thought!)

Then out of the blue I was told that whilst I could theoretically get a placing for up to nine months in a company, I would be working without pay for those nine months.

As I am not in receipt of any payments from the department of social welfare or FAS itself.

I would not receive any funds from these state bodies nor would I receive any payment from the company I was working for!

So we have now reached the bottom in the Irish labour market, forget the minimum wage, with the new changes to the FAS rules at the last budget in December.

Brian Lenihian now expects the unemployed to work for nothing!

The sense of injustice is just sickening, as I have worked all my life and paid my taxes and yet I see people who have not contributed to the state collect payments!

It’s almost a crime to be Irish in Ireland now! FAS may not have any more money to pay

For the training and up skilling of the unemployed as a result of their incompetence

And questionable financial practices.

I appeal to the minster concerned to ratify this obvious abuse of the Unemployed and I call on all TD’s to demand that this practice be immediately revoked

I particularly call on the local TD’s for my area, to publicly show their support for the unemployed of Wicklow and support this petition.

Liz McManus TD liz.mcmanus@oireachtas.ie,

Joe Behan TD joe.behan@oireachtas.ie

Andrew Doyle andrew.doyle@finegael.ie

Billy Timmins billy.timmins@oireachtas.ie

Dick Roche dick.roche@oireachtas.ie

Social welfare fraud

Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Question 86: To ask the Minister for Social and Family Affairs the estimated fraud rate within each scheme and the target savings she is setting for each scheme in 2010.

Mary Hanafin
(Minister, Department of Social and Family Affairs; Dún Laoghaire, Fianna Fail)

In order to identify fraud and error levels in schemes the Department carries out detailed fraud and error surveys on individual schemes. These surveys provide evidence based indicators for the levels of fraud and error within those schemes at that particular time.

As reported by the Comptroller and Auditor General the percentage of expenditure resulting from fraud identified in these surveys ranged from 0% for pensioners, to 0.1% for Illness Benefit, 0.8% for the Family Income Supplement, 1.8% for Child Benefit, 2.3% for the Disability Allowance and 6.4% for the One Parent Family Payment. A fraud and error survey is currently underway on Jobseeker’s Allowance and the results of that will be available by quarter 2, 2010.

Although the level of fraud on most schemes is very low, within schemes, some categories of claimants can be a much higher risk than others and when these are identified the Department moves to address the issue.

Because of the resources involved, the Department’s goal is to carry out fraud and error surveys on each of the major schemes every two years. This frequency is considered reasonable having regard to the need to consider the impact of measures taken to address issues raised in previous surveys.

The amount of money recorded as control savings by the Department at the end of 2009 was €484 million. This represented an increase of €8 million on 2008 figures.

In 2009 over 750,000 claims were reviewed, 20% more than the target for the year. The total control savings target for 2010 is €533m.

Additional savings are being sought on the One Parent Family and Illness Benefit payments, bringing the total targets for these schemes to approximately €100m and €110m respectively. A target of €110m has also been set for pensions, including additional savings on the non-contributory scheme.

Over €82million is being targeted on Child Benefit, approximately €81m is being targeted on jobseeker’s payments and €16.5m is expected to be saved on carers payments.

The remaining sums are €17m on the Family Income Supplement, €10m on the Supplementary Welfare Allowance and €6m in the PAYE and PRSI areas.

The vast majority of people who seek a Social Welfare payment are doing so correctly and within their entitlement. However, I am determined to ensure that abuse of the social welfare system is prevented and is dealt with effectively when detected. To this end, the control programme of the Department is carefully monitored and the various measures are continuously refined to ensure that they remain effective. The 2010 targets take account of the extra anti-fraud powers provided in the Social Welfare Bill.

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