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NAMA board wages up



Thanks to the diligence of Sinn Fein finance spokesman a Mr. Arthur Morgan (above photo). We find out that the chairman of NAMA Mr. Frank Daly will receive €170,000 this year, up 70% from €100,000.

The other six members of the board will receive a 32% increase in their fees, up from €38,000 to €50,000.

All this when the government and the finance Minster Brian Lenihian tells the country we have no money and we all must tighten our collective belts

As we all know that does not apply to the golden circle and lackeys, friends of the boy’s club etc.

This is outrageous and clearly shows the total disconnection from what’s happening in the world the low paid, the poor, and unemployed have to live in!

Lenihian has outdone himself with this display of self serving arrogance!

Something hast to be done about these leaches!



march against Government policies (1)


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UP to 75,000 yesterday took to the streets to protest at €4bn in proposed Budget cuts — but the only thing that had changed by last night was that the country was €70m deeper in debt.

And Taoiseach Brian Cowen and his Cabinet insisted the Government would press ahead with the cuts in the Budget.

Last night, Mr. Cowen’s spokesman said the march would not shrink the gaping hole in the public finances.

When the marches were over, Defense Minister Willie O’Dea told the Irish Independent that the Government still had to take the difficult decisions.


Everybody seems to have forgotten who it was that got us into this mess in the first place .Mr.Cowen and Mr.Lenihan and the their Green Lackeys are responsible and when and not if the fireworks get started the people will hopefully get justice

The corrupt bankers and the incompetence of the financial regulator’s office must be addressed as well

We must take back all the golden handshakes that were given out to these crooks and criminal precautions must be sought

All bankers that were involved must be stripped of their pensions and other assets and these given back to the people who have lost their jobs and pensions

These fraudsters should be on trial for treason and the loss financial independence of Ireland

If the Government is looking for money they should go to the Irish permanent they have 7,000,000,000:00 sloshing  around to help out friends in distress!

Dail debate 9 Last

Batt O’Keeffe
(Minister, Department of Education and Science; Cork North West, Fianna Fail)

Deputy Brian Hayes suggested that my Department’s failure to co-operate with the commission in its early stages somehow contributed to the perceived delays in the commission publishing its report.

I will acknowledge that prior to 2003 some difficulties were encountered in my Department’s dealings with the Commission—–

Aengus Ó Snodaigh
(Dublin South Central, Sinn Fein)


Batt O’Keeffe
(Minister, Department of Education and Science; Cork North West, Fianna Fail)

—–especially in regard to complying with a small number of discovery directions. However, in this regard, the commission’s third interim report of December 2003 acknowledges some of the difficulties that were caused or contributed to by the committee, in that, for example, there was not sufficient clarity about what was sought or insufficient time was being allowed for compliance.

Furthermore, I would point out that in December 2003, in order to ensure that criticism of the Department’s responses to the commission was fully explored, the then Minister for Education and Science, Deputy Noel Dempsey, appointed an eminent QC and former chairperson of the Bar Council of England and Wales to conduct a review of the Department’s interaction with the commission. That report reached the conclusion that the difficulties over discovery were not due to obstruction or concealment but rather to poor historic record storage systems and misunderstandings about what was required. In all cases, my Department fully complied with the discovery directions. The issue of including day schools in the redress scheme was also raised.

I want to address the rationale behind the setting up of the redress scheme which was that children in institutions were separated from their parents and dragged from their homes while other family members watched on. Others spent years in these institutions, their only crime being that they had a single parent or a parent who could not feed them or look after them. They woke up in institutions, spent their full day in institutions and went to bed at night in the institutions. They had nobody to whom to talk or tell their stories nor did they have the benefit of the care and protection which children living with their families usually enjoy. In the case of abuse which occurs in day national schools, my Department has been found not liable for such abuse by the Supreme Court judgment. This is not to say that the abuse suffered by persons in this setting is in any way less serious or abhorrent.

Róisín Shortall
(Dublin North West, Labour)

However, the Minister is washing his hands of it.

Batt O’Keeffe
(Minister, Department of Education and Science; Cork North West, Fianna Fail)

It simply means that the plaintiff is suing the wrong party in taking an action for damages against the State.

Michael D Higgins
(Galway West, Labour)

The Minister should put that on a memorial.

Batt O’Keeffe
(Minister, Department of Education and Science; Cork North West, Fianna Fail)

Of course, for the State to accept liability in all such cases where it does not have a legal liability would be irresponsible in light of its duty to the taxpayer. A further consequence would be to distract from where that liability might lie. There have been some cases where my Department was made aware of allegations of abuse but did not take appropriate action. As a result, my Department accepted partial liability in those cases even though the abuse occurred in ordinary national schools.

I again reiterate the Government’s commitment to ensuring that the recommendations of the report are implemented in full and the needs of survivors are fully considered. I again reiterate the State’s apology. I commend the work of Mr. Justice Ryan, Ms Justice Laffoy before him and the members of the commission.

I hope that the full support of the House for this motion will be another acknowledgement of the acceptance by the people of the shameful manner in which these children were treated and that it demonstrates our united determination and commitment to ensuring that such appalling events will never be repeated.

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