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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

I had the good fortune to book my recent Flight to Hamburg from Dublin and I remembered a friend telling me that I should give Swiss air a try and so I did

The booking was pretty straight forward and in no time at all I was able to print off my e-ticket

I noticed that when I was going through the booking procedure that the quoted price was constant and that you did not add on any extra charges as other airlines do all the time (Ryan Air, Air lingus) this is a source of great frustration to most human beings, I can assure you!

My reference given for my flight details was *******

On the morning of my departure, I heard over the radio that most flights from Dublin were to be cancelled because of a volcano eruption in Island,

I called the SWISS service centre at 1890200515 and was immediately answered by a clam professional lady who was able to within minutes rebook me on to another flight the next day

I was very pleased with the way I was assured that I could call at any time the service centre

the following day again I was informed that many flights in Europe were now cancelled and again I called SWISS service centre, I got through straight away and again was impresses with the professionalism of the service staff ,who by this time must have a lot of customer enquiries,

Again I was offered an alternative flight but as I have another business appointment on Monday these flight alternatives did not suite me this time.

I was then offered a full refund (which I accepted) and was invited to make my next booking again through Swiss AIR

I can assure you if I have to travel from Dublin Airport, I will first look up Swiss Air

And I will advise my friends to do the same!

Full marks to the Swiss Air Group

Great to get a good professional service for a change!



300 jobs *****

Who are they? (Mary)

Why them there are former SR Technicians in the dole queue
(civil servant)

Mary, I can give 300 of them a job, I just need Hanger 6

So how about it?

Get lost you weirdo, I’m a Minster and you don’t tell me what to do!


Well up yours then, I’m off to Scotland!


Well done Mary ,we have to show we’re in charge !



500 jobs lost because of incompetence!


Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary has offered to meet Tánaiste Mary Coughlan, who has been defending her handling of the airline’s offer to create 500 jobs on the former SR Technics site in North Dublin.

Ryanair had claimed she did not adequately deal with the matter. 200 of the proposed jobs are now going to Glasgow.

Ryanair claimed over the weekend that it had offered to create 500 jobs on the SR Technics site after it closed last year with the loss of 1,000 jobs. But the airline said it did not want to deal directly with the Dublin Airport Authority.

This world class airliner wanted to create 500 new jobs and what did the Tanaiste do about it nothing!

What do we need to do to get this government to create jobs?



How to win a referendum:

Scaremongering but who’s doing it?

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan also warned yesterday that if Irish voters snubbed the treaty the result would “shatter international confidence” and lead to continued scarcity of funding and increased borrowing costs.(Looking for a yes vote)

A ‘No’ vote in next month’s lisbon Treaty  referendum could result in the interest bill on Ireland’s national debt jumping by up to €900m a year according to Indecon
Looking for a Yes vote )

A NO vote in the upcoming Lisbon Treaty referendum would represent a “spiritual withdrawal”, from Europe, Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has warned. (Looking for a Yes vote)

A Yes vote in the referendum would earn Ireland the continued goodwill and support of the EU in tackling the banking crisis, he added.

Mr Gormley “It would be entirely counterproductive to vote “The whole emphasis in terms of the European recovery is a green recovery [which can provide] jobs, jobs, jobs.” Echoing the sentiments of other pro-Lisbon political leaders, “It would be a huge mistake to focus on national issues when this is a campaign to get us out of recession,” he said. (Looking for a yes vote)

How to win a referendum:

1. On top of high VRT, introduce a Green (Party) carbon tax, and just to be on the safe side, impose a €200 a year work parking tax, just for daring to have a job!

2. Make the citizens vote a second time, even though they said No – but make sure you don’t change the wording.

3. Have on the Yes side a millionaire car salesman, like Bill Cullen, who opposed changes to the infamous VRT, and is the biggest over priced merchant for  the Renault spear parts in the country(Nice one Bill!)


4 . Have Ryanair on the Government side, who are best known for their F-Service , saying there are a millions reasons to vote Yes (excluding taxes and charges), and (Baggage charges Now approaching 100 euro per bag) then have the same Government introduce a €10 travel tax, contrary to EU law of freedom of movement between member-states.

5 . In case the European Central Bank doesn’t hype up mortgage rates any time soon, re-introduce water rates and a property tax on every family home in Ireland, while at the same time making taxpayers bail out the bankers and the builders.

6 . Make sure Brian Cowen leads the Yes campaign.

7 . Have crooks running FAS

8 . Have people like John O’Donoghue become Ceann Comhairle in the Dail

9 . Create Toxic Banks to help your buddies in the Banks and the Building


10 . Keep corrupt Politicians in places of power

11 .TAX the Sh*** out of the ordinary people

12 Tell them you are going to crucify them in the coming December Budget

13. Make a complete mess of the Economy, and blame it on the ordinary people

For having paid extortion prices for their own homes

14. Put a Tax on those homes, let say 1000 Euro on average for every home in

The land

15 .when you hold a referendum keep going back to the people until you get the right result (the one you want)

16 .
Keep corrupt Bankers in their High paying Jobs at Bankrupt Banks

17. Allow these same Banks (Now with Government appointed Directors) to

Overcharge their own customers, and then, clam that it was a computer error when found out.

18. Allow dodgy Building Developers stroll into the courts of the land and present fantasy valuations as a means to dance around The Supreme Court rulings

When 80 families are turned out, and lose their overpriced homes every week, sold to them by these developers in the first place

19 . Make it blatantly obvious, that there is one law for the rich, and another law for the poor in this country

20. Tell everyone that NAMA is the only game in town and we the people must pay the gambling debts of the super rich of the country.

That should do it!




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