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“The job isn’t even half done yet”

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By Namawinelake

Yesterday, Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan was probably the first senior minister to broach the truth. Speaking to RTE following the publication of the June 2011 Exchequer Statement, he indicated that the adjustment needed in 2012 would be in the order of €4bn, up from €3.6bn “The job isn’t even half done yet. Next year, even though the overall figures are about two-thirds of this year’s adjustment, it may be more difficult to achieve … A lot of the low hanging fruit has been picked.” He apparently didn’t provide a reason for the greater austerity, but the most likely reason is a downward revision to economic growth in 2012 which will mean less taxes,more unemployment, more welfare.

full article at sourcehere: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/07/05/%e2%80%9cthe-job-isnt-even-half-done-yet%e2%80%9d-%e2%80%93-minister-noonan-prepares-the-ground-for-2012-austerity/


The axe will fall and fall hard why we should believe a
single word these politicians say they seem to be stricken by some mystery disease
that is making them forget what they have said only a few weeks ago .We are not
fools and we know that the books (such as they are) are full of holes and there
is no way these gombeens are going to balance these books with empty promises
they will have to face reality soon enough and I expect that they are busy
creating the relevant spin they will have to announce to us the people of Ireland
.Of course they will raise taxes and cut public services and they will also
look after their friends .Has it ever been any different ?

Ba –NAMA- Man a human sub species! Found only in Ireland


Ba –NAMA- Man a human sub species !found only in Ireland .

Thanks to  www.thestory.ie   who continues to do such  fantastic work for the cause of Free information movement ,and  went to the trouble to set these quotes from Brian Lenihan in a chronological order,all ready one gets the feeling that this guy (Lenihan) is making it up as he goes along,

I will try in the next few days to scour the various radio stations and see if I can dig up any interviews he made inbetween the quotes below.

If any of my readers has access to any other interviews please share them with us or send them to our colleagues at www.thestory.ie who have done such a good job exposing this chancer!


Quotes from Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan
Posted: 02 Apr 2010 11:06 AM PDT

Below are a number of quotes from Minister Brian Lenihan which were reported in the media or said by him in the Dáil since the bank guarantee in September 2008.

Several of them are clearly contradicted by subsequent events*, of which some would be very recent. Others will probably be contradicted by events* to come.

Feel free to add your own in the comment box below or email them to mark[@]thestory[.]ie (remove the brackets). Please provide a link to cite your source. It’s worth keeping a log of these as events* continue.

Irish Times…

“We are not rushing into the banks without knowing precisely what the position is in those banks” – Nov 20 2008

During the Stabilisation of Public Finances debate, Dáil Eireann

In the context of any capitalisation the due diligence exercise will yield further information to enable us to do a far more precise identification of risk before we formulate policy on it. I would be reluctant to commit the taxpayer on any issue connected with risk without a full and definitive assessment of the risk in the institutions themselves and we must await this assessment. – Feb 5 2009

Following the publication of Anglo Irish Bank’s 2009 results. Minister Lenihan said he welcomed the increased scrutiny of Anglo as an opportunity to bring openness to the bank…

“which will ultimately allow us to draw a line under past activities”. “It is an opportunity for Anglo to employ a fully transparent approach to addressing the inappropriate activities that took place at the bank and provide comprehensive details to all stakeholders who deal with Anglo and who deal with Irish financial institutions generally.” – Irish Independent, Feb 21 2009

When challenged as to why he was not nationalising banks (at this time the State had already nationalised Anglo Irish Bank and taken a 25 per cent stake in Bank of Ireland and AIB).

“I do really want to scotch the idea that there are huge risks to the taxpayer in the valuation process because we are not nationalising these institutions.” – Irish Times, May 18 2009

follow link for article at http://thestory.ie/2010/04/02/quotes-from-minister-for-finance-brian-lenihan/

Nationalized Anglo Irish Bank is gorging on you money!


Nationalized Anglo Irish Bank

Which will receive more capital from the Irish Taxpayers in the coming weeks, and after reporting the highest ever losses in Irish corporate history,

This den of corruption and Black hole of the Irish economy has awarded pay increases to 70 staff.

Yes again awarded pay increases”

Salary increases have been paid to 40 of the bank’s 800 staff in Ireland, 20 out of 370 staff in the UK and 10 out of 80 staff in the US where the employees’ jobs have changed following the voluntary redundancy plan under which 230 staff left the bank.

Newly promoted Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs Pat Carey

Last night defended the pay award.

The increase concerned a small number of non-senior specialist staff in England that had been recruited on a contract basis,

Anglo is expected to post losses of almost €12 billion for the 15 months to December 31st, 2009


Next week when the bank releases financial results for the first time since May 2009. Losses on bad loans amounting to about €14 billion mean that Anglo will report the highest losses ever reported by an Irish company

These Crooks must go to Jail and if they don’t there will be blood on the streets

Liz McManus active in the Dail


Liz McManus , Dail activities during the week  24.01.2010- 29.01.2010


Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Last year broadcasting legislation was passed by the two Houses and the Joint Committee on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources was charged with carrying out a selection process for appointments to the boards of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and RTE. That process was completed before Christmas. We all know the Minister, Deputy Ryan, has an eccentric view regarding appointments to the public services. He seems to think a telephone call and a chat is enough.
We now have a situation where, I understand, four Cabinet meetings have been held and yet these appointments have not been made. I have no idea what is going on, but the committee on which I sit carried out its duty in an exemplary fashion. We made our recommendations to the Minister, Deputy Ryan. He does not have to accept them, but we have no word—–

Question 48: To ask the Minister for Finance if the public sector pay cuts apply when contract employees in a university here have their funding 100% sourced from philanthropic or private sources; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Brian Lenihan Jnr
(Minister, Department of Finance; Dublin West, Fianna Fail)

The Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (No 2) Act, 2009 makes provision for the reduction in the pay rates of all persons employed by public service bodies with effect from 1 January 2010. Universities come under the definitions within the Act as public service bodies, contract researchers where they are employed by such a public service body are subject to the pay reductions provided for under the legislation.

Question 89: To ask the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform when digital closed circuit television will be provided to a Garda station (details supplied) in County Wicklow to replace the out of date analogue system; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

John Curran
(Minister of State, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs; Dublin Mid West, Fianna Fail)

I am informed by the Garda authorities that the recording equipment currently employed for the existing Garda CCTV system in the station referred to by the Deputy will be replaced with digital recording equipment during the first quarter of 2010.

 Question 115: To ask the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs if he will give assurances for continued funding in 2011, 2012 and onwards for a community development project (details supplied) in County Wicklow in order for it to continue its work with the County Wicklow partnership; if the current level of funding will continue into the future; his views on the important work being carried out by the community development projects; and if he will make a statement on the matter

John Curran
(Minister of State, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs; Dublin Mid West, Fianna Fail)

As I outlined previously to the House, my Department has seen the need to redesign its community development/social inclusion programmes, particularly the Local Development Social Inclusion (LDSIP) and Community Development Programmes (CDP), drawing on good international practice and to support the ongoing evaluation of the programmes. Both programmes have a community development element and were delivered through separate local delivery structures. These programmes came to an end on 31 December 2009 and have been superseded by a new programme, the Local and Community Development Programme (LCDP).

The aim of the new programme is to tackle poverty and social exclusion through partnership and constructive engagement between Government and its agencies and people in disadvantaged communities.

The new programme will preserve elements of good practice from the CDP/LDSIP Programmes and will enable groups to objectively demonstrate the positive impacts they are securing for local communities. An implementation strategy, involving the stakeholders, is underway in preparation for LCDP roll-out over the course of 2010.

In advance of proceeding to establish a single programme across CDPs and Partnerships, my Department undertook an evaluation of individual community development projects. Many of these projects span across two decades, with quite diverse activities. The objective of the review was to identify those projects that produce tangible, appropriate benefits for the communities they serve. The vast majority of projects, including the project referred to by the Deputy, fall into this category and have been offered funding under the new programme in 2010. Where projects were not recommended for continued funding, an appropriate appeals mechanism has been provided.

I am pleased to have been able to ring-fence funding for community development projects for 2010 and to maintain it at 2009 levels. In few other areas of public spending has it been possible to do this. The Deputy will appreciate that ongoing funding for 2011 and beyond will be subject to budgetary considerations at the appropriate time.


Gerry Ryan radio show

Dear Gerry,

I, am listening to your show here at home

Why? Because I have being unemployed now for one year, for the first time in my life

I have being working for the last 32years and I have never being unemployed in my life before now

In the last year I have lost practically all my pension (625,000 Euros) pension now worth 21,000 k

That after 32 years

At 54 years living at home with two children and no prospect of work anytime soon, things don’t look to good

Having saved up and paid into this pension arranged for me by my bank at the time.

I am discussed with the Bank’s Advisers and management companies that were supposed to be managing my pension at a fee of 3.75% each year, what a rip off!

I recently got a letter in the door telling me that my pension provision was not sufficient to pay me the expected pension in 12 years time and I was advised by the same bank to immediately stump up 1200 Euros each month to top up my pension

There was an 1890 number that I could call if I had any enquires

I decided to call this number just to off lode my anger at the gall of this shower of crooks

I got through to a 26 year old gent who was on a 6 month contract and he was just sitting out his time to get his pay and then off to Australia

The bottom line was he could only tell me what I might be able to receive in a pension payment if the Markets were to re-cover

There was sense that the Bank was responsible for any wrong doing

I had my own business and I employed 6 people for 10 years, paying all my taxes and theirs

When last January I had no choice but to bit into my pride and go to the dole office I got the shock of my life

Sorry I was not entitled to any payments (Dole) because I was self employed

I am not looking for anything from you or your show Gerry

I am just taking the time to inform you of the absolute carnage that is out there at the moment and anything remotely to do with Banks, Financial advice, Politicians, Insurance, Health Insurance and best of all Wealth management

Is likely to be met with a double barrel shotgun from this house!

I would do the same to any politician

Yesterday the EGM of Bank of Ireland again just showed that the same Crooks are still in their fat seats, their fine offices and holding on to their outrageous salaries

Despite calls from the floor for the 13 or so Directors to resign, there was no response from the stone faces of the Board

And now with the motion passed giving the 50% majority amendment I fear the rest of my life investments will be stolen from me by the incompetent government and handed over to faceless foreign investors who have no commitment to Ireland .Just like they did with Eircom!

Anyway back to my Dole entitlements

I occurred to me that the latest unemployment figures were just another example of fiddling the numbers

As I am not entitled to any Dole payments I do not have to go down to the dole office and register every week or month

It occurred to me that I must not show up on the statistics that come out with the published unemployment numbers

Sure enough! Only those, that are in receipt of the Jobseekers benefit are in the figures

So this means that the approximately 65 thousand “X Self-employed persons do not show up as part of the unemployed figures and there are the 65 thousand people that left the country last year

And we must not forget the 125 thousand people that are on useless courses on how to polish your nails in FAS to consider (That’s another days work Gerry)

So the real unemployment figure is about 600 thousand and rising!

I still consider myself one of the fortunate ones and we will muddle our way through this latest depression (having gone through the 70’s and the 80’s)

I have a small mortgage and thank god enough savings to keep me going for now!

This is a letter of caution to anybody listening to the vested interests now coming on to the air ways in the last week or so claiming it’s now a good time to buy property, don’t you believe it!

I count myself lucky because I always followed a few simple rules when buying property.

And so I never lost money on property bought over the years

Here are the 4 rules

  1. Pay no heed to what the seller says he wants for the property (as in his value)
  2. Find out what the property will realistically get on rent (Let’s say you can get 800 Euro every month for the property) that gives a total annual rent of 9600 euro then!
  3. Multiply this figure by 10 (this is the worst case for interest charged by the Bank for the mortgage) so you get a figure of 96,000 thousand euro
  4. Walla this is the true maximum value of the property and this is the amount you should pay and no more.

    Follow these simple rules and you will never have trouble with your repayments.


The bad news is that current property values are still way out of line with true values and this is why the Banks will now only lend at 2.5 times annual salaries.

This, by the way is now dictated by Brussels.

Since the average wage is heading down, even at the current 30,000 euro this suggests that the maximum average worker can afford is now a 70,000 mortgage

So prices will have to reflect this new reality I’m afraid!

for what it’s worth ,I believe that apartment s in Dublin will drop down to around 60 to 80 Thousand Euros ,again keeping the rule in mind “what rent can I get ” with rents falling I believe the most you will get soon in Dublin will be 6 to 700 Euros depending where in the city you go!

This is what you would expect in the rest of Europe, we are just getting back to the normal levels that would be sustainable for this economy.

I am dispensing these pearls of wisdom in the firm hope that they will help somebody in these times of distress.

Thank you for your time Sir,




Irish electricians Strike 2

This video doesn’t exist

With these kind of threats coming from a Union Boss

 It’s hard to see the general public supporting this electricians Strike

There are thousands of  fellow electricians without a job, and asking the public to pay higher rates in these times of hardship is just bonkers!

If they are owed money they should get it, but demanding more, that’s another story

The union Boss would be better off demanding from the Government immediate retraining and up-skilling grants for the unemployed otherwise a lot more of his union breather will be joining me on the dole queue

and what good will that do ?

Hello Again !!its Live Line (1)

Hello Again
!!its Live Line (1)

Da –da Lid-dil-lis –da –da etc etc !!!

As I write this article I am listening to what in fast becoming a program I look forward to every day now

Anyway I will tape the show as best I can

You will hear this Union Boss telling reluctant electrical contractors they have to charge new higher hourly rates and the small contractors are saying that they have to live in the real world and charge what the current market will pay now

This gob-s*** spends the entire time making a complete buffoon of himself and reminds me of the loony 70s Trade unionist that went on strike for cups of tea in the English car factories then

He sounds as if he has his nose completely up is *** and is clinging on to his chairman Union Red Book Mantra

This proves to me that I was right about the trade unions here in Ireland; they are one and the same with the current government

They have lost their roots and are complexity out of touch with the ordinary working people

Time and Time again ordinary working electricians were ringing in to the show to say they did not want to charge these new charges because the current economic conditions do not support them! People just cannot pay these ridiculous hourly rates

Well none of these rates are as bad as the hourly rate I was quoted for my Renault car repair

Remember the 120Euro per Hour Bill Cullen wants to charge, He must want to buy a new Porsche and hopes that people like me will just cough up the bread

the point is there are a lot of people still out there that have not yet coped on that we are now in a depression and the good times of ripping off Joe public is over for good

So get real!!

Talk 2 Joe


Irish radio stations are doing a good job for the Government!

With the right presenters in place they will continue to do so for years to come!

We here in Ireland have a habit of complaining about everything and anything on the air waves

I don’t know why, maybe because we think that by airing our grievances we think that we are doing something about them

It muss suite the ruling classes that we do this because the alternative would mean the end of their rule over us

I suppose we might get the idea to go out on to the streets and just make the changes we all seem to talk about all the time on these radio shows

These radio shows have their own guanos like the presenters have become superstars themselves and they also are in receipt of huge salaries

one of the was reputed to be receiving over 760,000:00 Euro a year now to put flesh on these bones that’s 3 Times the salary of the American President the most powerful man on the planet

The head of the HSE is receiving 500.000: Euro that is 2 Times the American Presidents salary

Should I go on I think not because I am depressed enough!

We must stop whinging over the air waves and take to the streets if we want to change anything in this country

All other avenues are in the hands of the ruling elite,

Is there a cosy circle in RTE?

Unless you have a Brother or Aunty or have Friends in there you won’t be able to get a job there

The current batch of presenters are paid way over the top for such a small country

But who will be brave enough and tell them over the air this?

Answer: You won’t get the chance!

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