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Live Line to-day 11.08.2010

Today we again here from the ordinary people of Ireland as they expressed their anger at the latest Demand from the Banks for more money and the governments total denial of what is obvious to every citizen in the state that the banks are in fact dancing merry go round the incompetent bunch

(listen Here )

the people time after time expressed their complete opposition to the continue bail out of Anglo Irish Bank and their frustration of the lack of leadership coming from the very gangsters that have helped cause this massive financial meltdown within the government
With no credible opposition in the country we the people are charged with the task to bail ourselves out of this mess
The so called opposition have fail us miserably they have allowed Cowen and Lenihan bail out their buddies and have sat in the Dail gravy train and let events happen
With no real difference in their solutions we the people must take upon ourselves to make the changes we so desperately need to make
The current political system it totally corrupt and any attempt to make the necessary changes to the way things are done within that system will only lead to dismal failure
We don’t need more political parties based on the same current political parties because of the strangle hold the current big boys have
It is a kind of mutual assured power and perks system and it bestows a lifelong membership to an élite group of people that shares out plumb jobs and perks with enormous pensions to their lucky members
Just take a look at Allen Dukes he knows no more about running Banks that I do but he is running the most Toxic bankrupt Bank in the world
This political dinosaur is not alone take a look at Allied Irish Bank there we have another dinosaur Sticky Dick Spring
In most of the over bloated state guanos we have a severe infestation problem self serving X politicians who are extracting perks that ordinary citizens would never even dream of
The system is rotten to the core and it has to be completely destroyed in favour a more direct democratic system that takes into account the modern world using technology as its back bone
we need to revamp the constitution in favour of a direct democracy similar to the system used in Switzerland where by the citizens can fire any and all politicians at anytime by way of a local referendum this is a must if we are to have a real democracy
I suspect most politicians will not want the have this change because it will be the end of the career politician and that is a good start !

I call hear and now for the establishment of the second Irish republic

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