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Wicklow Times gives us a mention


We recently crossed over the 36,000 visitors mark and for the first time we also got a mention in the local paper the Wicklow Times click here Document (9)

They picked up on my article on the Local TD’s expenses.

Last Year we had a Darby and here is the link http://thepressnet.com/2009/09/01/wicklow-td%e2%80%99s-are-big-spenders/

My thanks to all who drop by on a Daly basis , contribute and encourage me .Independent news and opinions  are a vital ingredient of Democracy ,and we must guard these fundamental rights we all have .

We also have the right to call to account those that are put in places of power be it local or national

remember we the people are the paymasters and they are supposed to be working for US the general public .We must get used to asking the real questions .for example Wicklow Town has now approx 2000 unemployed ,so what have the Local elected TD’s done to get even one person a job

What new funds or what job creation measures have been provided in the last 17 months

I can answer you NONE!

Don’t promise you votes to someone just because there a nice Man/Woman

We need new faces and new ideas; nothing will change if the same old policies are kept

 We need Action on Jobs and not hot air and empty promises

Billions have been squandered in toxic Banks (NAMA)

Jobs have been created for top managers, accountants and solicitors (people in the right circles)

The rest of us are dumped and forgotten!

Stand up and fight back! 

  Demand up-skilling ,re-education and universal health care for all

 Demand answers and accountability!

Getting beyond protest – how do we WIN?

Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010
Time: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Location: Main theater – Liberty Hall
Street: Eden Quay
City/Town: Dublin, Ireland
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Getting beyond protest – how do we WIN?http://www.wsm.ie/bookfair or http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=103538506349459 on Facebook

11.30 in Liberty Hall, Saturday 29th May
After the anti-capitalist blocs and the Anglo Irish protests how can we build to defeat the government and make the rich pay for their crisis?
Speakers to be announced but the intention is to have lots of time for everyone present to give their opinions.

This event is part of the 2010 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair organized by the Workers Solidarity Movement see

Billions for NAMA and sod the rest of us!

The right to work campaign VR

The right to work Campaign (3)

The right to work Campaign (2)

Stay on the Streets!

I received notice of this Demonstration this morning, if you are concerned about our countries future and a the future of your children then please come along and make your voice heard

I anyone is looking for a lift I will be going from Wicklow Town and will gladly give a lift to up to 3 persons.

I can be contacted at 1machholz@gmail.com

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