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we need reform now!

The current Irish Government are responsible for the financial disaster the country is in,
With the establishment of NAMA the Government is trying to socialize the enormous losses that the Banks and their Developer buddies have encored.
Corruption is rife and now a new monster burocratic system is being created, where X politicians will have jobs for life and the same corrupt developers will be able to manipulate the housing market all over again
While the people are being robbed of their homes, savings, pensions, and education for their children, that same gangsters are running the country
This has to stop!
Join the CAB to-day and get things moving
Come on! Get active in your own area now!
We as a country need new faces and not the same old tired faces that have being around using the system to suite themselves.

addictive drugs

In case some of you might be feeling sorry for any X Bank Directors having lost their jobs, don’t fret

They have friends in very high places in a variety of big industries. To the case in hand the former Bank of Ireland chairman Richard Burrows took a giant leap from the plush offices of Bank of Ireland a few months ago leaving the retail shareholders broke and the bank Bankrupt!

How many bankrupt investors have lost their lives in the fallout from this bankruptcy?

Mr. Burrows Has now surfaced under the guise of chairman extraordinary for the tobacco industry’s top job at BAT.

With the only qualification for the job as being able to sell highly addictive drugs that are the single largest killing product on the planet .

So there is no misunderstanding I repeat, this addictive substance is responsible for 3.5 million deaths every year (source World Health Organization)

Mr Burrows will be well aware that millions of people die from the effects of smoking around the world each year and many of these cigarettes are developed and manufactured by British American Tobacco

This is an industry which aggressively markets an addictive killer product – and still endeavours to maintain that passive smoke is harmless – despite it being graded as a class one carcinogen by the WHO [World Health Organisation].

With his past record and his last job, leaving a trail of destruction behind him Mr. Burros is only ramping up the scale of destruction

How can this man sleep at night?

There were approximately 50 drug related deaths in Dublin year on year and nationwide there were approx 169 cases (source EMCDDA)

On the other hand in tobacco related deaths there were 6000 + deaths (see related link http://www.inforesearchlab.com/smokingdeaths.chtml  

So Mr. Burrows put that in you pipe and smoke it!

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