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Sell Sell Sell

The Governments Banking strategy is collapsing before our eyes and according to Morgan Stanley

Bank of Ireland may need to raise €4.1bn once its loans go to NAMA, the report said. However, it has fewer options than AIB as it doesn’t have as many assets to sell and it is an integrated bank with fewer obvious non-core assets that could be sold,”

So if you were to extrapolate the current figures as of this weekend.

Bank of Ireland now having to give the Government 184 million shares instead of 250 million Euro and this gives them ca 15.5% shareholding along with their existing 26% for the first 3.5 Billion bailout and the expected further finance requirement of ca 4 billion, I would say the bank is already on its way to full nationalization

My advice to any stock holders Sell ! Sell ! Sell !

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