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Michael-Jackson lives on

The following article shows that Michael Jason was being exploited by his own family as much as the unscrupulous hangers on

The show still goes on to-day

All he ever wanted was to be allowed to be a little boy and go out and play just like other boys

I re-live my own childhood with my own children every day and no amount of fame or money could compensate me for the loss of this happiness

We as a society, should be grateful to have lived in the same time as this musical master, He ranks the same as  Elvis, Mozart, Beethoven, Straus, Wagner, Pink Floyd, Led zeppelin and so on

Point is he lives on and on through his music

So every time you here his music on the radio, just think of it as him dropping by to say Hi!



Janet, Randy, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon Jackson at Michael’s funeral

The King of Pop hit out at his sisters and branded his mother “disappointing” in conversations with his ghost writer recorded almost 25 years ago and obtained by the News of the World.

Several times during the tapes, he realised he had gone too far and snapped: “You can’t print that.”

Jackson started off with a rant about the siblings who made up the Jackson 5, saying his brothers did not give him any support.

“We’d be working on a TV show or video and they’d be sitting around moaning and groaning but I’d be watching and learning,” he said.

“It takes a talent, but some people are lazy and don’t want to develop anything.”

Read full story at


Justice for Michael Jackson

It would appear that the personal Doctor of Michael Jackson Dr Conrad Murray administered a large amount Propofol of on the night he died and that Murray failed to tell paramedics he had administered Propofol as they attempted to save him.
Court papers now show that Michael had “lethal levels” of
Propofol in his body when he died in June.

Dr Conrad Murray is said to have called another Doctor Arnold Klein for advice as Jackson lay dying, then phoned a lawyer and made one other mystery call before finally telling a security guard to dial 911.But he is denying the claims and insists he never left the room to make phone calls.

Dr.Klein is now being investigated and  Dr. Murray has reportedly admitted giving the Michael four different painkillers, including strong anaesthetic Propofol


Murray – who is being investigated for manslaughter , had previously said he tried to revive the star but leaked court papers have claimed otherwise.

Dr Steven Hoefflin – is quoted by Britain’s The Sun newspaper as saying: “Murray definitely called Klein because Klein taught him how to administer Propofol.
At the rate news is coming out about this sorry end of a superstar one wonders what we are not being told??

Where is the Justice for Michael ,what the hell went on there?





Pop King faked his death, say sources, adding, ‘Comeback tour will be biggest in music history’ (According to Derek Clontz)


Machholz Response.

Derek Clontz article, is an absolute gag why would you want to trivialize someone’s tragic death by claiming it’s a con?

I am disappointed in this kind of behavior and pardon the punt get a life!

The man is dead and let him rest in peace!

This video doesn’t exist

What did Michael jackson die of? Up-Date

What we know!

George Hooks radio show discusses this .

This video doesn’t exist

Michael Jackson innocent


Michael Jackson is Innocent 

(source http://awkwardstar.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/jordan-chandler-admits-he-lied-about-michael-jackson/)


The chandlers Father & Son

According to the link above,and if it is true!

This little shit has now come out and said that he lied when he made his sexual molestation charges against Michael Jackson.

This is astonishing news!

Chandler and his immediate family reportedly received $25 million (GBP11.8 million) in an out-of-court settlement back in 1993 when the then 13-year-old Jordy alleged he had been molested by Jackson.

Quotes from Jordan Chandler then!

” I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now I can’t tell Michael how much I’m sorry and if he will forgive me

“If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…

” Now for the first time I can’t bear to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me; all was my father lies to escape from being poor.”


Under the influence of a controversial father (Jordan Chandler) is supposed to have told his son to say Jackson had touched his penis.

Jordan Chandler also told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing; masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.

How could you make such allegations against an incessant person?

My own son is 13 years old now and I can clearly state that he knows what is right and wrong since he was about 5 years

Chandler is now saying he was told by his greedy father to say that Jackson had molested him in order to get $25 million

If this is true then you are both guilty of murder !

Apart from the fact that is extortion, he and his father and any other persons on the take should now be put on trial for extortion and Murder.

Needleless to say all the money should be taken back and any other assets from books film rights etc should be taken from these two.

I am however surprised that I haven’t heard anything on the Irish airwaves about this latest twist in this sorry affair

One thing I know for certain, there are, and will be no winners

The world has lost a brilliant musician

MJ was up there with Mozart & Beethoven

Michael Jackson dead

News Flash! News Flash!

I’ve just heard that Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.

He is supposed to have suffered a cardiac arrest this afternoon and paramedics were unable to revive him.

It is said when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they were unable to revive him .

Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II.

A Legend has passed on.

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