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Michael D looks in !

Dear Friends

As we move into these last sunny days of May, I hope you are making the most of it and perhaps planning to attend some of the festivals across the country this summer, like the Eigse Carlow Arts Festival 11-20 June where I will be reading poetry or the Galway Arts Festival 12-25 July.

Over the last weeks I questioned the government’s priority of debating the criminality of beggars or otherwise in the criminal justice bill as we face this deep recession.


I also called on the government to follow its own policy and make sure trade is fair for developing countries.

The Labour Party highlighted the dismal protection our society affords children and we called again for a constitutional amendment to finally bring redress



As regards Afghanistan, I said that seven Irish soldiers is seven too many and called for complete withdrawal.


Finally, I welcomed Today FMs gift grub and Ian Dempsey’s breakfast show to Galway where poetry was read and songs sung.


Feel free to look me up on http://www.labour.ie, on twitter or on facebook. As before, if you would like to be removed from this newsletter please reply to this email to that effect!

With best wishes

Michael D

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