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To all the Wicklow TD’s

To the Wicklow TD’s

Our viewers would like to know, what is your position on the spread of these Head shops?

What the current situation is with regards the spread of these head shops and what
are the current trading times allowed for such shops?
what are you doing rid our communities of these very
destructive and now life threatening dangers to our children.

For your information I attach a report on some compounds that are been sold to children from these head shops

You will be aware that two children were found dead last week in England after consuming “mephedrone”

Will we have to wait for the death of Irish children before we ban these Drugs?

See posting report at http://thepressnet.com/2010/03/18/selling-death/

Forget the minimum wage and work for nothing!

Work Placement Program (WPP)

Languishing on the Dole for the last 12 months and not in receipt of any payments (because I was self-employed) I heard about this program, and thought I would go down to the local FAS office here in Wicklow Town and enquire about this possibility for myself!

As usual I was met with the usual courtesy .The FAS officer reminded me that they were always available, no appointment was necessary and we got down to business

I wanted to know if there was a possibility I could take advantage of this program.

Cheerfully she informed me I would be eligible for this program (now we are getting places I thought!)

Then out of the blue I was told that whilst I could theoretically get a placing for up to nine months in a company, I would be working without pay for those nine months.

As I am not in receipt of any payments from the department of social welfare or FAS itself.

I would not receive any funds from these state bodies nor would I receive any payment from the company I was working for!

So we have now reached the bottom in the Irish labour market, forget the minimum wage, with the new changes to the FAS rules at the last budget in December.

Brian Lenihian now expects the unemployed to work for nothing!

The sense of injustice is just sickening, as I have worked all my life and paid my taxes and yet I see people who have not contributed to the state collect payments!

It’s almost a crime to be Irish in Ireland now! FAS may not have any more money to pay

For the training and up skilling of the unemployed as a result of their incompetence

And questionable financial practices.

I appeal to the minster concerned to ratify this obvious abuse of the Unemployed and I call on all TD’s to demand that this practice be immediately revoked

I particularly call on the local TD’s for my area, to publicly show their support for the unemployed of Wicklow and support this petition.

Liz McManus TD liz.mcmanus@oireachtas.ie,

Joe Behan TD joe.behan@oireachtas.ie

Andrew Doyle andrew.doyle@finegael.ie

Billy Timmins billy.timmins@oireachtas.ie

Dick Roche dick.roche@oireachtas.ie

protests in Dublin streets (3)

Joe Behan 14.Oct.09

 Joe Behan (Wicklow, Independent)

Question 279: To ask the Minister for Finance the number of members of the Judiciary who have opted to pay the public sector pension levy; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Brian Lenihan Jnr
(Minister, Department of Finance; Dublin West, Fianna Fail)

The Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act 2009 does not apply to the Judiciary for constitutional reasons. I have no function in relation to the matter but the Revenue Commissioners have published the available information.

Joe Behan
(Wicklow, Independent)

Question 629: To ask the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform the reason for the delay in the introduction of the ban on upward only commercial rent reviews as provided for in the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009; and if he will make a statement on the matter

Dermot Ahern
Joe Behan
(Wicklow, Independent)
(Minister, Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform; Louth, Fianna Fail)

I propose to takes Questions Nos. 629 and 633 together.

When Section 132 of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 was brought forward in July, I made it clear that an appropriate period of time would be needed to allow the market to factor in the very significant changes which were being introduced. That remains the position. While I have taken no final decision on a commencement date, I would note that the section will not be commenced before 1 December at the earliest as that is the date which has been chosen for other sections in the Act.


Question 695: To ask the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform the provision in Civil Partnership Bill 2009 for the rights of the children of parents who would have a registered civil partnership to be free from discrimination; and if he will make a statement on the matter

Dermot Ahern
(Minister, Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform; Louth, Fianna Fail)

The law contained in the Guardianship of Infants Act 1964 (as amended) will apply to decisions affecting the welfare of a child of a civil partner and will not be affected by the Civil Partnership Bill 2009. The Deputy may wish to note that section 44(3) of the Bill provides that where a civil partner applies for maintenance from his or her civil partner, the court shall have regard to all the circumstances of the case including the financial and other responsibilities of each civil partner as a parent towards any dependent children, and the needs of any dependent children, including the need for care and attention. Section 127(2)(l) of the Bill provides that in making ancillary orders in civil partnership dissolution proceedings, the court must have regard to the rights of any child to whom either of the civil partners owes an obligation of support.


Wicklow TD’s are big spenders

Wicklow TD’s are big spenders when it comes to expenses  419,327.00 s Euros

Wicklow Darby

With the growing number of Wicklow voters being dumped on to the dole queues like my-self and told that we are not eligible to any dole payments or any other social security payments after paying into the tax coffers for 35 years, and never having darkened the door step of a dole office before, it is a hard thing to swallow this extravagance in allowances for our well healed TD’s

I wont waste time calling for any explanations from our local servants of the people.

But you must agree that when the people that are supposed to be serving you in the Dail and that are supposed to be servants of the people are living way beyond the level of ordinary people there has to be something very wrong !

I call on the voters to now demand that any would be TD’s in the next general election declare that they will work for the average industrial wage and if not they will not get your vote and further more I propose that all able persons to stand for the general election against existing TD’s that refuse to make available to the local communities a complete listing of their expenses

I am offering to post any such information on this blog for free anytime

 I call  on all the Wicklow TD’s to publish their entire expenses for their term to date!and to do so every month from now on

Lets see what happens above race results were again

1 st place: Billy Timmins  FG at 120,685 Euros

2nd place: Andrew Doyle FG at 113,572 Euros

3rd place   Joe Behan      IND at   90,717 Euros

4th place Liz McManus Lab  at   76,503 Euros

Last Place Dick Roche  FF      at    17,850 Euros

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