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See just dead wood and no Heart!

Yesterday, the minister revealed she had learned of the 58,000 unchecked X-rays in December. But she insisted she only realized the scale of the problem on Tuesday.

Full article link http://www.independent.ie/national-news/calls-mounting-for-the-resignation-of-hopeless-harney-2095141.html

Adding my voice to the thousands of calls for this Minster to resigne will make on difference  as walking over bodies for this person is all in a days worke ,This I foubnd out my self personally ,remember the Susi Long case ,(http://www.susielonghospice.com/about%20Susie.html) I  was the only person at a PD Meeting to tell Harney that I could not suport her any longer as I belived she was wrong with the policies she was persuining at the time and they cost this woman her life I could not support this any longer!

Things havent changed and she is still clinging on to power and that is all she wants !

she started out great but power corrups totally! 


Adding my voice for this disastrous and useless minster to resign is not really going to be of any help, Iwas also shouted down be an elderly woman saying “here we go again”
Harney sat there stone faced and said nothing
I knew the she was out for herself in politics and that has been proven so many times since! Harney has lost her way many years ago and this suited Fiannia Fail to have a scapegoat and in Harney they have a perfect one!
The entire Government is all clapped out, wasted and dry, rotten fruit clinging to the tree branches waiting for a wind strong enough to blow it down!

It better happen soon before the Farmer will have to take the Axe to the dead wood!

AIB Broke!


I read that the HSE, (THE Health Service Executive) is now expected to have surplus stocks of the swine flu vaccine next year after it entered into an €80m contract with drug companies.

Ireland was one of the countries which placed early orders for pandemic vaccines and is promised 7.7 million doses.

Just another example of waste of public funds!

The gob ***s running this incompetent organization are wasting billions and are employing hoards of pen pushing management clerks ,who have no obvious responsibilities

Then we see that the Governments declared policy that the salaries of the bank chefs would be capped at 500.00:00 Euros, is rubbished, as the new AIB boss is getting 650.000:00 Euros and is an insider as well

How much more of this crap, will the Irish public swallow?

Mary Wins this time !


The Government and the Minister will see the end of the pharmacists’ action as an important vindication of its policy to reduce health service costs and get better value for the taxpayer.

Many pharmacists, however, still angry at the size of the fee cuts and the manner in which they were imposed, will now be wondering whether the 11-day stand-off achieved anything and whether it was it worth it.

I was worth it for the Taxpayers of this country and a well done Mary this Time!

This is just one battle that has being won for the taxpayers of this country , but there are plenty more vested interested in the HSE that still need to be taken down Mary.

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