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Selling Death !

Head shops legally selling death!

I attach a report on some of the compounds that are been sold to children from these head shops

You will be aware that two children were found dead last week in England after consuming “mephedrone”

Will we have to wait for the death of Irish children before we ban these Drugs?

On December 18, our reporter delivered all three – Blow, Charge and Diablo XXX – to the National Drug Advisory and Treatment Centre on Dublin’s Pearse Street for analysis.

The results came back on January 6. Blow and Diablo contained mephedrone, while Charge showed indications of lidocaine and flephedrone. The main biochemist said: ‘Mephedrone and flephedrone are synthetic compounds. These are not herbal highs, these are synthetic drugs.’ ‘The presence of lidocaine in the Charge product may explain how it might be marketed as a cocaine substitute, as lidocaine has long been used as an adulterant of cocaine due to similarities in its effects.

‘These compounds may have very similar effects to illegal drugs. While some chemically related drugs such as cathinone are controlled, mephedrone is currently not controlled. ‘A small change in the chemical structure can make a drug that’s not controlled. Mephedrone is chemically related to some illegal drugs.

‘Mephedrone is a substituted cathinone.

Cathinones are derivatives of phenethylamines (the family of amphetamine compounds that include MDMA ‘ecstasy’). The number of these new drugs has meant that that restricting them is difficult.’ According to a December study by Liverpool’s John Moore’s University, the side effects of mephedrone and flephedrone can include palpitations, sweating, insomnia, loss of short-term memory, vertigo, grinding teeth and dizziness. According to the HRB, mephedrone has been linked to two deaths in Sweden – where it was made illegal in 2009.

source http://findarticles.com/p/news-articles/mail-on-sunday-london-england-the/mi_8003/is_2010_Jan_17/cocaine-100pc-legal-head-shops/ai_n48662782/pg_2/

Statements recently issued by Liz on the Headshops

Please find below statements recently issued by Liz on the Headshops –


Following her consultation involving local groups and individuals in Bray,

Labour TD Liz McManus has proposed a set of key recommendations in regard

to the Headshop in the town .

Deputy McManus said “Having organised a number of small group meetings, I

have received support for:

1)The Minister for Health & Children, Mary Harney, to act swiftly to

introduce the full range of regulations to tackle this scourge.

2) Bray Town Council under planning and bye-laws to work on an All-Party

basis to ensure the Headshop is closed down.

3) The owner of the premises to play his part in ensuring the speedy

closure of his shop.

“There is a need to involve all relevant authorities including the Fire

Safety Officer, the Revenue Commissioners, the Gardaí, and the Office of

Tobacco Control and I am liaising with Labour Cllr Tracy O’Brien who

attended a consultative meeting and offered her support.”

Headshops on the move


Liz McManus


Wicklow TD Liz McManus has welcomed the publication of a draft Labour Party Private Members Bill to restrict the spread of Headshops which are causing so much concern around the country.

“Under the terms of our Bill, the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill, 2010 specific planning permission would be required for a change of use of a premises to open either a head shop or a sex shop”, said Deputy Liz McManus.


“The proprietor of a grocery store, take away or Internet café must apply and obtain planning permission to open for business. However, that same owner or a new owner can then decide to convert the premises into a Headshop or a sex shop overnight without even having to apply to the local authority for planning permission for change of use. In effect there is nothing to stop a person from seeking and securing planning permission to open a sweet shop and then, overnight, turning it into a head shop.


“Because no specific planning permission is required for change of use from one existing retail function to another, members of local communities have no opportunity whatsoever to express any concerns they might have.


“These Headshops are selling products which are not covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act, but which clearly mimic illegal drugs and have damaging physical and psychological effects on those who consume or inject those products.


“Because these shops are not illegal but are unlicensed and unregulated and can sell their products to minors as well as adults there is serious concern in local communities at the failure of the authorities to take action.


“We accept that our Bill is not a total solution to the problem of Headshops. That would require the banning of the dangerous substances that are on sale in these outlets, but we accept that this is a complex and difficult procedure that may take some time.


“Our Bill offers an interim solution that would, if enacted, at a very minimum restrict the further spread of these outlets, concluded Deputy McManus”.

If you have a problem with the spread of these headshops you can contact Liz directely at the following link http://www.labour.ie/lizmcmanus/clinics.html

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