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GreenKing recycling centre Wicklow Town

With the weather we are now enjoying, it’s time for the Garden to get some attention!

It won’t take too long before you get your marching orders to go out to the garden and get stuck in

I have already being ambushed a few times to go out and get some work done.

I have had a lot of tree felling to do and the trouble is where to put all this stuff?

I have taken two corners in the garden (for the moment) to store this stuff.

But now we want to take back our full garden, so where should all the tree trimmings go?

Well have on fear

GREENKING http://www.greenking.ie/ composting is here and only down the road

So I’ll be on my way down there in the next few days and they will take the lot of my hands.

I had a look at their operation and was impressed and promised to spread the word

Get you Compost here its good natural stuff (see photos).

They also take Grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings and Branches and clean timber.


the Garden looks like it needs some new compost in the front and 

The trees do look healthy ,

 In the back well lets say I need to do a lot of work before I can show it off!  (see Video clip)

This video doesn’t exist


This Wicklow company is offering a good community service and derserve your full support

For and on behalve of local Wicklow blogs suporting local buisness

for more information contact thomas@netzoners.com or leave a comment .


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