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Keiser Report: Victims of Banking Terrorists 225


Gold : is your only man Gerald Celente

The U.S. jobs data, released on Friday, showed that the U.S. economy had added no jobs at all in August, a hugely disappointing figure that renewed worries that the economy may be heading for a recession.

Wall Street reacted with a decline of 2.2 percent on the Dow Jones industrial average and a 2.5 percent fall on the Standard & Poor’s 500. The benchmark indexes in several leading European markets slumped more than 3 percent Friday.

The stock markets in Asia followed suit on Monday, with falls of more than 2 percent in many leading indexes.

Gerald Celente: ‘S&P downgrade is an Archduke Ferdinand moment’

Here in Ireland, there is no doubt the bailout of the Irish
big banks was a disaster. The gangsters in Government to-day and  in the banks should
be shot! They are traitors and have sold our people into  financial slavery

Gerald Celente: ‘IMF – International Mafia Federation’

Gerald Celente on Goldseek radio

Listening to Gerald I am getting worried all over again, and listening to what he says I realize that we in Ireland have been sold the same lies and we are now been sold the smart economy lie
The government’s plans are for us to become Surfs, servants and drown in servitude that is what a service economy is.
We need to get back to basics like feeding ourselves from our own agriculture products for starters, with half the land lying idle this is just plain wrong!
What do we manufacture? Nothing
What have we got to sell ? nothing because we gave away all our natural resources with the help of crooked politicians?
We must get back to helping ourselves and making the products that we need in our own economy we must not be afraid to rely on our own abilities, we have one of the best education systems in the world and we are churning out some of the world’s best graduates who are by the way been snapped up by every other country
we can turn Ireland around and letting our best just leave the country is the current government answer to our problems ,surely all logic screams that this government has lost the plot !
If this does not wake you up to the total incompetence of the people in charge of our country I suppose nothing else will
Wake up for God sake to reality !

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