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Republic of Telly – Damo & Ivor: Driving Lessons


Hospital Cutbacks : Government advice !

Cycling to work

Below  a green party TD in a hurry to get to  the Dail today

News Flash !

News flash
From our well hidden cameras in the department of Finance we can now exclusively reveal here on Machholz blog ,this footage of what happened to Brian Lenihan when he saw the real state of Anglo Irish banks bad debts

The Skanger me Banger Trailer

Skanger me Banger

Thought this might give you all a laugh! This is a video I came across and I give the boys 10 out of 10 for their effort

please follow link to view video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGpcKu7kLuY&feature=related

Don’t reward incompetence!

Voting yes to Lisbon is like saying thank you to the current band of misfits running the country and asking them to continue screwing us

Bray festival (1)

This video doesn’t exist

Leinster Fleadh Ceol in Wicklow Town 2009


This video doesn’t exist

12 07.2009 Wicklow Town was the host for the Leinster Fleadh Ceol celebrations this year And the organisers managed to pull off a fabulous feat!

They may even have had a helping hand from the Man above as the weather was mostly sunny .

The parking and traffic management was well organised.

The various acts were of a very high standard and delivered 2 days of fun and entertainment for all the visitors and locals alike!


A  well done all round

Iranian Irish will vote yes!

Government won’t resign if Lisbon vote

is lost – Martin

Mr. Cowen yesterday confirmed the referendum will take place on the first Friday in October. But Foreign Affairs Minister Micheal Martin said the Government won’t stand down if the referendum is rejected again.

Why would they have bankrupted the country ,robbed almost everybody of their pensions and helped their friends in the Bankrupt Banks out of a massive Hole of course they will not resign !

The Iranians love you Brian!

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