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What if this oil spill was off the coast of Ireland?


If this had happened in Irish waters the Government would have told the nation that we were all responsible and we must all put our shoulder to the wheel and help stop this well from leaking any more of our precious oil .They would also blame the single mothers and the Unemployed for using up badly needed financial resources that would otherwise be spent plugging the well.

A call for a national bond would be made and everyone in the work would be made pay a new oil cleanup carbon tax levy and the Unions would tell the members that we have no choice as this is the only option for the country

Gormley would employ a few green pals to count all the dead fish and Ryan would call for a national day of mourning .Brian lenihan would go on national TV to tell us we must tighten out collative belts yet another two notches!
Bertie Ahern would look for another “Dig out” from his pals to help pay his levy!
Having got it he would then seek an exemption from the revenue on the grounds he was a struggling artist!
The Government would then blame the protesters of shell to sea for the disaster and have them all thrown into jail!

‘frankly pathetic.’

Mr.Liam Carroll’s latest application ‘unprecedented’

The second application for an examiner to be appointed to the Carroll group of companies has been described in the High Court as ‘extraordinary and unprecedented in the history of
corporate litigation.’

Lyndon McCann, SC for ACC Bank said a ‘tactical and strategic decision’ had been taken by the Carroll group to withhold evidence relating to its business plan and property valuations on the first petition for examinership.

He described this as a bad decision and the attempt to introduce the previously withheld business plan was ‘an abuse of the process of the court.’

Mr McCann also described the content of the letters from the financial institutions as ‘frankly pathetic.’

The video clip below captures some members of the public reactions to the so called current valuations giver to the courts by Mr.Carrolls legal team


This video doesn’t exist


The Sting

The biggest rip off in the history of the Irish State coming soon!

Do you believe in fairytales?

Want a laugh!

S&P lowers Anglo credit rating

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has lowered its ratings on Anglo Irish Bank. But S&P has removed the bank from CreditWatch, which means it is no longer considering further downgrades.

Well boys and Girls anybody waiting for the S&P to advise them will go broke !

My Credit rating for Anglo Irish Bank is

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