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Wicklow river been Polluted

For the last 15 years a river flowing down through the town of Wicklow is been polluted By a 24 “drain pipe and raw sewage is pumping out of this pipe on a regular bases Some local developer took some short cuts and the local council don’t want to know!

In spite of writing to the local council over the last 15 years and to minster Gormley ,We the residents still suffer the consequences of this pollution

So much for the green party, s protection of the environment I suppose there are only active when the TV cameras are rolling and they can get some Air Time .

We demand action be taken to stop this pollution and the perpetrators be made clean up their mess

The Gloves are off for Lisbon 2 treaty

The Gloves are off for Lisbon 2 treaty

EU vote: the opposition will not be televised

Ireland’s scrapping of the equal airtime requirement ahead of the second Lisbon Treaty referendum diminishes debate.

As far a democracy is concerned in Ireland we are now seeing how desperate the ruling elite are to get a yes vote and it looks like its going to be the crook way as it now appears that the state media have being instructed to reshuffle the stacked cards, and it would appear

In practice, given that Irish officialdom and the chattering classes are desperate to see the Lisbon 2 treaty pass into law, these changes mean that the pro-treaty side will likely get much more airtime than those who oppose it. In the end, it seems a debate is only welcome as long as most people are saying the same thing.

The current government seems to be getting more and more brazen in their attempts to force their message on to the Irish people that all our economic problems will go away with the help of our on again friends in Brussels but only if we vote the way they want us to vote and that is of course a yes vote please!

What they are not telling us is that when we vote this time yes we will not ever again get another chance to vote on any future treaties because a yes this time will strip away from us the Irish people the right to vote on any new treaties.

 The government of the day will decide for the people instead
Do you really want these crooks and leaches to be able to do this for us !

I say No Never!



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