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Enda Kenny, the man who never told a lie

Kenny prancing around the K-Club


The significance of Ronald Quinlan’s revelation today that Fine Gael sought and accepted a sum of money from a property developer — and not just any property developer — should not be underestimated.
O’Flynn Construction is one of the country’s most- indebted construction firms. The taxpayer has recently financed the transfer to Nama of those debts, estimated at around €1bn.
Michael O’Flynn, the chairman and managing director of O’Flynn Construction, on Wednesday last swung his Mercedes S350 executive saloon into the K Club to play a round of golf with the man who regards himself to be the Taoiseach-in-waiting.
Mr O’Flynn sanctioned his firm’s payment of €1,500 for the honour of teeing off just behind the leader of Fine Gael, Enda Kenny, and his most loyal lieutenant, Phil Hogan
He also sanctioned the payment of an undisclosed sum, possibly another €1,500 — maybe more, maybe less — to sponsor the famous 18th hole at the K Club, a club which is itself partly owned by Gerry Gannon, also of Nama fame, who is one of the so-called Anglo Golden Circle.

And so on and on it goes, full story at source


I am disappointed to hear that Fine Gael’s Enda Kenny (self styled Taoiseach in waiting) did not have better judgement and for my money (the little I still have left ) I will bet that he most certainly will not be the next Taoiseach.
Nor does he deserve to be! with such display of total disconnect from the general public!
Displaying this total detachment for the feelings of the ordinary people who are struggling to pay their continuously rising household bills and  green party new taxes
Enda Kenny has made a major miscalculation here; prancing around the K-Club the taxpayers of this country will not forgive this making out with the golden circle boys from Anglo Irish Bank !
The last thing this so called Taoiseach in waiting needed was to be photographed with members of the golden Anglo Irish circle
How can anybody now believe that this man or his party will make the developers pay their debts to Anglo Irish Bank, now owned by the hard pressed taxpayers of this country?
Mr. Kenny I predict you will not be the next Taoiseach of this country and you might not even be in the Dail after the next general election
What a shame too!
The perception now of the ordinary people of Ireland is that Fine Gael has little or no difference in policies with Fianna Fail, with regards to NAMA or the Developers who ripped off all those now and for the foreseeable future will wallow in negative equity.
Enda Kenny’s golf outing at the K-Club has only encouraged the belief he is just as chummy as Lenihan and Cowen with the brazen developers and bankers who have destroyed our country and have made us servants of the international bond pushers
What dimwit is advising this man?

I call upon the Fine Gael and Enda Kenny to send back the donations made by this Developer and to commit no to take any donations from any other Developers involved with NAMA

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You’re fired! (A Fine Gael leadership challenge on the way??)

The concept of loyalty is an important part of ethics. Plato originally said that only a man who is just can be loyal, and that loyalty is a condition of genuine philosophy. The philosopher Josiah Royce said it was the supreme moral good, and that one’s devotion to an object mattered more than the merits of the object itself. Loyalty is a quality one should look for in a friend.

But we are dealing with “Friends in the Dail and I believe this is quite a different monster

Its Dog eat Dog in there!

If a man can’t be loyal to his friends can he be loyal to people he has never met???

Dear Mr. Hogan

Dear Mr. Hogan,

 I never thought for one minute that Mr. Lee would be the next leader of the Fine Gael

Perhaps you haven’t read my article, I attach same again.

 Indeed as an independent (non party) observer of the political process here in Ireland I would have thought you your self would have some inclinations in that direction.

 Anyway back to Mr.Enda Kenny I believe if Mr.Kenny was to be more accessible to the wider media (Like us Bloggers) we would get a much better feel for the person lurking within the man. The people want the have a man or woman of their own, somebody that will tell the true and have the conviction to stand up and take on the challenge of defeating this corrupt government .Speak the language the ordinary person understands and stay away from to manufactured spin

Perhaps take a leaf out of the book from Emanon Gilmore and Liz Mc Manus. It is no accident that these two TD’s enjoy enormous support ,all around the country.

p.s. as stated before I am not a member of any political party

Phil Hogan replies

Dear Thomas,

I am sorry that you do not recognise the political achievements of Fine
Gael under Enda Kenny. We have more support than FF for the first time in
our history and you seem to have a problem. Who do you think we should
elect as Leader instead of Enda Kenny? Maybe you always thought that George
Lee should be leader.

Kindest Regards,
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Enda Kenny / George Lee

With the departure of George Lee, I believe we are witnessing the complete demise of the now exposed Enda Kenny and the out of touch Fine Gael with the realities of the current economic situation!

Enda Kenny, having scored a resounding national coup by getting the country’s top economic commentator to come on side, has now with the departure of Grorge Lee completely destroyed any hope of becoming Taoiseach

There is no use in telling the public that one has to under-go training in period when one enters the Dail

Remember the first people that entered the Dail did not have to undergo an apprenticeship.

This is just hor****

All this now does, is tell the general public that Fine Gael is just as mush a hostage to its accumulated

Ancient  practices that at sometime in the long distant past might have been useful.

This episode exposes again my contention that the practices in the Dail that all political parties conform to is way outdated and has no place in modern Ireland

Again I state that I believe that the system is corrupt and dysfunctional

This lame attempt  to now clam that all new TD’s included George Lee  must first have a type of apprenticeship before they can contribute is just farcical

 I would not vote for somebody that I thought was just going to be an apprentice

This shows the public that true nature of Fine Gael, it confirms that even in opposition they seem to have a lot of Prema – Donnas

 They are trying to make the public conform to their way of doing business

We won’t have it, and in the next polls you will see how pissed off we really are!

I call on George Lee now to form his own political party and I can promise him at least 30 of my friends to join him immediately

If Fine Gail wants to help form the next government they will have to shift Enda Kenny

His judgement is now on the Floor!

Banking Inquiry, what Banking Inquiry?

Banking Inquiry

We have being promised to-day a Banking inquiry of sorts, by the government but with conditions

There is no need for me to go through all the nity – gritty as I am just too disillusioned with the half baked display of concern of the public’s demand a full and Independent Inquiry by the Government

I hereby renounce all recognition of the right of this government to act on my behalf or my familie and subsequently call on all citizens to kick these criminals out.

I call again for a General election to disprove the public’s support for this band of Gangsters


I also again call on the hundreds of thousands of unemployed to come on to the streets and demand the heads of those that have put us where we are .Join the CAB  

Get up and take action, get organized and start taking back our homeland from these Gangsters!
 start canvassing in your local areas against the Governments own candidates .


What the gangsters in the Dail have seemingly offered is a covering up and even destroying any hope of the culprits ever having to face justice in this Be-NAMA Republic of ours

Because the culprits are the powers that be .Cowen and Lenihian are in this up to their Necks and are holding the reins of power and their Green lackeys have just woken up to the fact that their bluff has being called ,they have no where else to go and a general election now would wipe them out entirely

We the ordinary people have being sacrificed for the sake of holding on to power

I call upon the Labour Party and the Fin Gael now to declare that they will, when they establish  the next government, they will hold a public inquiry into the destruction of Irelands Financial Independence, the collapse of the Banking system and bring those guilty of corrupt practices to justice and ensure that all those guilty will serve Jail time and their ill-gotten gains will be taken back off them

All x Td’s and Government Minsters will forfeit their pensions and all other payments if found to have aided or abetted these criminal and treasonable acts.

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