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Student March Dublin (2)

To All TD’s

Give us jobs, results, not SoundBits!

The Government is busy telling us, they must fix the banking system first and then the finances of the country

This is all well and dandy but what about the likes of the hundreds of thousands of people like me who are unemployed?

Mr Cowen got up in the Dail yesterday and told the people that FAS was delivering courses for the unemployed. This is not what my personal experience shows

FAS was to do a course on web design ,starting on Sep 28th ,I applied for this course in February ,I heard nothing until I complained about the lack of information to FAS and I was called to an assessment exam just two weeks before the course was to begin

Here I was told that the course I was supposed to attend was no longer available; it was cancelled just like that

The FAS teacher went on to tell approximately 28 other people in the class that FAS was cancelling many more courses because of their budget problems

We were then told that the original course was now just 12 weeks (instead of 37 weeks ) and that the modules that were taken out were now included in the new requirements all candidates would have to have to attend the NEW 12 week course

All they did was to cut the original course from 37 weeks to 12 weeks to save money

Needless to say I was not successful in getting on to the new course because of these late changes!

I have heard from FAS in the last week informing me of a part  time course again which is of no use to me as it will not result in me getting any job

What a Joke cutting courses when they should be putting on more courses that have real job’s prospects at the end of such courses

We need Jobs and not time wasting courses that are just filling in the rhetoric of out of touch politicians

An educated, available workforce, is more likely to be offered jobs

We need up skilling and re-education as a matter of national emergency

Where do we fit into your National Emergency Plan???

Something wrong in Afghanistan?

Ireland To-Day !

This video doesn’t exist

This to my mind represents Ireland to-day When will the people rise up and kick this lot out?

Betrayal of the People

The NAMA disaster is on its way!

To-day we the people of Ireland were forced to take the first steps to financial enslavement to international Bond holders

On this day I wanted to show you the citizens of Ireland the chief political culprits

There are many more people responsible for this fiasco these people will also be put up here in the next few days

These people must be brought to justice!








H1N1 (The swine flu)


In the last few months I have become confused about this swine flu

At first we were told that it was a deadly virus and was already killing a lot of people in Mexico

Then there was a lull in information and then it was in the US,

Still the way they were reporting this was something that was quite nasty and you could die from it

So best avoid it.

There was talk of taking action at the major airports to try and contain it by putting in infrared cameras and I remember seeing such cameras on sky News showing people with a temperature arriving at some airport in the Far East being quizzed as they arrived by local officials

Then there were 3-5 cases in the England and a group of people were detained at some hotel somewhere in the East again I think I might have being China, because of the suspicion that they might have this Swine Flu

So how do we get from a few cases in England to what the British Government are predicting?

World Health Organization head Margaret Chan added that the holding of this meeting in Cancun showed confidence in Mexico, which has been hard hit by the swine flu

As the summit opened, the UK alone was projecting more than 100,000 new cases of H1N1 a day by the end of the summer.


Now where did that come from?

Have the English suddenly decided that they no longer want to stamp this out, and let their population just get infected with this flu ,and treat it with a new vaccine and at what cost

Why even go the expense of getting a vaccine when The WHO says most H1N1 cases are mild, with many people recovering unaided

Now when you look at what the Irish government are supposed to be doing about this pandemic

Things become more confused! They don’t seem to be too concerned especially when the English are expecting 100.000 cases a day by the end of the summer!

If the same was to occur here in Ireland it would be disastrous for the already weak economy, not to mention the collapse of the Health services

Somebody is not telling the truth!

See video at  following link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkiclMWy3Ns

What do you think?

Time to get real!


Looking at the ESRI Quarterly Economic Commentary, summer 2009

I notice that they are predicting unemployment to top 12.6% and then next year they are predicting a top of 16%

Given that this body has never got its figures right I suspect that they are just guessing!

Example from March when the unemployment total was only 300K at the beginning of July we have according to government figures 411K

So an average of 30K added every month!

They are calming that this acceleration is slowing down, and this is where they believe

We will see a top of 11.6% at the end of this year!

BUT wait a minute!

Since most of our economy is based on consumer spending we have a lot more pain ahead of us along with all the new taxes on the way 

these figures cannot be believed.

We in my own family have cut down on the VHI ,the phone the use of the car the take- a -ways even the Sunday news papers .

I am painting the house by and by myself I would say we are cutting about 50% out of discretionary spending.
Now extrapolate that to every family in the country and you start to get the picture!

We will see a rise of the unemployment figure at the end of the year to 550-590K

By the end of 2010 we will see at least 768.000 unemployed in this country and that is not counting the ca.50, 000. New young students and graduates that emerge from the third level collages every year

The government are also doing what most other governments are doing with the real figures and that is messaging them.

For example if you are or have being a self employed person and then register to go on to the dole, you do not show up on the live register, not for a year, then there are the people who are on the various trade courses and then there are the thousands in the community work programs that take anywhere from 2 weeks to 37 weeks

With the building industry destroyed, and nursing a disastrous oversupply in the housing stock

The same in the commercial building sector

The collapse of the financial services industry

Some Banks will have to go under (More on that topic soon) more job losses!

The disastrous tourist year to-date -30% and an oversupply of hotels all over the country (More Job Losses)

The need to slash jobs in the civil services

(We can’t afford to keep paying the overinflated numbers for such a small country)

Approximately 35 % of total civil services numbers will have to go I suspect (100.00 Jobs)

And the rest that are lucky to retain their jobs will have to nurse a 30 % shave off their salaries

And perks and come back down to earth and live amongst us humble citizens again!

The hint of big cuts on the way in the Health services

The already announced cuts in Education and more on the way

This is what to expect if the IMF are called in

Now for the big question

Where are 760.000 new jobs going to come from in the next 5 years???

Plus where are all the newly qualified students going to find work

Ask all the politicians that will be coming to your door soon

Do you believe that the ruling elite that got us into this mess should be forgiven and lead us as a country into the next 5 years

If so what message does that send out to all future political chasers?

Earlier in the year some minsters were saying that most of the immigrant workers were expected to go back to their countries, this was the spin around Christmas last

Well look at this graph from the ESRI and you will see that it tells a different story!

The most of them are clearly staying here!

So we might see even bigger numbers on the dole queues

The Government needs to be saving something in the order of 20 Billion and not pussy footing around with 3-5 billion. The longer they do this the more pain we will have to endure as a nation and the closer we might be coming to open revolt!

It’s time to take on the elephants’

Let Anglo Irish Bank Sink

Let Bank of Ireland Sink

Let Allied Irish bank Sink

Open a new Post Bank a credit union Bank

Stop bailing out international investors to the tune of Billions they took risks and they were paid handsomely for their risk .The Americans did not bail out the international investors of Laymen Brothers nether should we bail out the 10 golden circle investors of Anglo Irish Bank and the other high risk takers who played poker with our national wealth!

We must cut the civil service numbers by 30 %b at least and give the rest a minimum of 30 % hair cut!

We must immediately inject 4 billions into a stimulus for retraining re-education our work force population

Cut the Dail numbers to 50 slash pensions of former TD’s Minsters, Judges Teachers and any other Civil Servant earning a pension over the national industrial wage

Working for the public should not in turn make you better off financially than the people who you are supposed to be working for!

Full Stop! It’s time to get real

Bring the culprits that have engaged in corruption to justice and this means CAB taking everything away from them starting with the criminals in the dail and in the civil service and in the financial institutions

Jail them

Up-Date on An board Snip!


Mr. McCarthy and his friends after a few months of living it up at the tax payers’ expense.

Now tells us that there are too many civil servants, and the government must cut the fat out of the civil service

But they should start by reducing social welfare payments to achieve savings of €850m.

There are too many elephents in the Health services
and this needs to be cut down to size -3



There is no mention of the cost to-date of the Bailout of Anglo Irish Bank and that the managers are now civil servants and are still on huge salaries

The party still goes on in all the banks with management still getting bonus at the tax payer’s expense!

No sign of any cuts here! with the banks not lending and Anglo Broke why are we the ordinary people still paying for its 3500 staff doing nothing ???

A special message from sticky Dick

First I would like to tell you all that the AIB Bank is doing fine since I moved in, that’s the good news!

Now for the bad news

Dont bother comming to the bank looking for overdrafts there is’nt any.

With 400 million being borrowed every week we are flat out just counting the intreset so get lost!

You are all living beond you means and this has got to stop

so shut up and pipe down and stop sending me charvet shirts !

Has anybody seen the Anglo Irish golden circel ? I have a few bob for them!

Billy Timmins dail comments July 2009

Written answers

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Department of Education and Science

Adult Education

12:00 pm

Billy Timmins
(Wicklow, Fine Gael)

Question 825: To ask the Minister for Education and Science the position on graduates who are in receipt of the jobseeker’s allowance; if there are new courses they can avail of; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Batt O’Keeffe
(Minister, Department of Education and Science; Cork North West, Fianna Fail)

I recently announced a new initiative whereby unemployed workers will have access to 2,500 new places on part-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses from September 2009. All 2,500 places will be on courses that support the goals of the Government’s “Smart Economy” plan and particularly those relating to specific skills needs of exporting sectors identified by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs. 1,000 of these places will be available for unemployed graduates to undertake part-time postgraduate diplomas or conversion programmes at levels 8 to 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

The scheme will be open to people who have been on the Live Register for at least six months on 1 September 2009, or who have been awarded Statutory redundancy and have an entitlement to a relevant social welfare payment. One of the conditions for people participating on these new part-time places is that they continue to be available and seeking work. Once they satisfy these conditions they will be entitled to retain their social welfare payments. Where they receive an offer of full-time work they must take up this offer of employment.

Details of the third level institutions providing these places and information on how to apply for a place will be announced in the coming weeks. The information will also be made available through local FÁS and Department of Social and Family Affairs offices. Unemployed graduates on full-time postgraduate programmes may also be eligible for support under the Department’s Student Maintenance Grant Scheme. Provision of grants are subject to a means test and other eligibility criteria. Further information on how to apply for a student maintenance grant is available on the Student Finance website: http://www.studentfinance.ie

Fiannia Fail welcomes its latest new members


I see the Green Party has denied it has done a U-turn on third-level fees.

After a day of conflicting statements from the party, a spokesperson from the Greens tonight said that they were still opposed to the return of fees, but that they would look at the Minister for Education’s proposals as outlined in a document for the Cabinet.

It is simply astonishing how well the Greens in power have adapted to the political speak and the political spin .they have become masters at it

Not surprising you might think well they do have the Grand masters of political spin as their partners Fiannia will fall

Mr Ryan yesterday indicated his support for the return of third-level fees that would involve a loan scheme to students.

Under the scheme, graduates would pay back a portion of their college fees once their income was above a set limit. So it is now spun!

News Flash Mr Ryan!

If you have to pay now or in the future that means you have to pay for education that you did not have to pay for in the first place

Eamon Ryan said any new scheme should remain free at the point of entry, and should not discourage students from attending college.

So now we are splitting hairs it’s free at the point of entry this is all hog wash

Mr. Ryan you and your parity colleagues have sold you collative souls the Finnia will fall Masters

It is very disappointing to see this confirmation yet again on how the lure of power will show the real person inside

The green party have betrayed every major policy they had for the sake of staying in power I hope the people of Ireland will not forget this!

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