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Transparency in Ireland

Absolutely nothing has changed almost a year later
Cowen is still in charge and is still the 4th most highly paid politician in the world
Just think about that.
Dr. Constantine Gurdgiev sets out the real numbers and they speak for themselves
we are kidding ourselves if we chose to ignore these facts
The insiders still hold all the power in this country and they are responsible for the mess we are in
They are also trying to convince the people of Ireland that they have the answers to our problems
How depressing! We must wake up and rid ourselves of these incompetent baboons that are ruling our country

Croke Park pay deal up-date!

Croke Park pay deal up-date!

THE GOVERNMENT decided yesterday not to implement pension reform proposals for public servants in an effort to win support for the Croke Park pay deal. In an apparent U-turn on proposals set out by the Minister for Finance in the budget, the review will not be implemented until after December 2014.

Currently pension increases for retired public servants are based on salary rises awarded to serving staff in the grades they previously held.

However, Mr Lenihan indicated in the budget that the Government would be reviewing the arrangements and would consider linking public service pensions increases to the cost of living.

A new document clarifying elements of the deal was issued by senior officials of the Labour Relations Commission yesterday. It states the Government will not proceed, over the lifetime of the Croke Park deal, with the proposals for public sector pension reform.

So this is another cop out to the Top  overpaid  civil servants, no wonder they voted in favour of the Croke Park deal !


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