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Transparency in Ireland

Absolutely nothing has changed almost a year later
Cowen is still in charge and is still the 4th most highly paid politician in the world
Just think about that.
Dr. Constantine Gurdgiev sets out the real numbers and they speak for themselves
we are kidding ourselves if we chose to ignore these facts
The insiders still hold all the power in this country and they are responsible for the mess we are in
They are also trying to convince the people of Ireland that they have the answers to our problems
How depressing! We must wake up and rid ourselves of these incompetent baboons that are ruling our country

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas!

Turkeys (AHCPS) won’t vote for Christmas

Higher civil and public servants have voted in favour of supporting the Croke Park agreement on public sector pay and reform.

The Association of Civil and Public Servants (AHCPS) today announced the result of its ballot on the plan for 2010-2014 agreed between the Government and trade union leaders in March.

It said some 72 per cent of its membership voted in the ballot on the executive committee’s recommendation to endorse the agreement.

The proposal was carried by 1,936 votes to 330 votes, or 85.5 per cent to 14.5 per cent.

Why am I not surprised ???

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