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we need reform now!

The current Irish Government are responsible for the financial disaster the country is in,
With the establishment of NAMA the Government is trying to socialize the enormous losses that the Banks and their Developer buddies have encored.
Corruption is rife and now a new monster burocratic system is being created, where X politicians will have jobs for life and the same corrupt developers will be able to manipulate the housing market all over again
While the people are being robbed of their homes, savings, pensions, and education for their children, that same gangsters are running the country
This has to stop!
Join the CAB to-day and get things moving
Come on! Get active in your own area now!
We as a country need new faces and not the same old tired faces that have being around using the system to suite themselves.

Wicklow News

Bank Robbery in Wicklow

Detectives are hunting a gang who held-up a small-town bank branch in white boiler suits wielding a lump hammer and gun.

Three men stormed the Bank of Ireland outlet in Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, at around 11.15am on Friday and threatened terrified staff.

They made off with an undisclosed sum of cash in a black Mitsubishi Jeep with false Co Wicklow plates.

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