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An open letter to all the TD’s of Ireland

This latest attempt to bypass earlier supreme court’s judgment on this matter is an abuse of the process of the court and no ordinary member of the public could have even dreamed of getting away with this typical stroke,
that could have being dreamed up in the back rooms of the Fiannia Fall mafia ridden lenster house!

Since Mr. Liam Carroll has now got the right decision (the one he wants) from the courts there is now a good chance that we the taxpayers in the country will have to foot the bill for his debts!

there has never being a better example of one law for the rich in this country and one law for the poor ,the people that have lost their homes during this week and all that will lose their homes in the months to come

We the ordinary people must not let this corrupt system walk all over us

This decision makes a mockery of the rule of law and questions the whole notion of equality within the Irish legal system, and the Irish regulation of its financial system!

 It is no better that a binNAMA republic!

For more information on no to NAMA pleases follow this link


Please note I have no affiliation to this group !


Prison just for the poor??

THE NUMBER of people sent to prison for failing to pay fines or debts jumped to 2,520 in 2008, mostly caused by the recession and rising unemployment.

The latest figures available from the Prison Service show the number of people being sent to jail is rising. There were 13,600 prisoners on remand (a 14 per cent increase) and 8,000 under sentence (a 25 per cent increase) in 2008

Didn’t I read a few weeks ago that a court had ruled that it was unconstitutional for a court to imprison somebody for not paying debts?

Yes I remember now it was the McCann ruling on debt recovery

(Ms McCann (36), Mullaghmatt, Co Monaghan, brought her action against the State, with Monaghan Credit Union as a notice party, and the Human Rights Commission as amicus curiae (assistant to the court on legal issues).

Ms Justice Mary Laffoy yesterday ruled the relevant law – section 6 of the Enforcement of Court Orders Acts 1940 – breached McCann’s rights to fair procedures and personal liberty under the Constitution.) (Itishtimes.com)

Apart from this ruling it has also being reported that the Government will have an extra 400 more prison made available this year in order to cope with the rising demand as a result of people not being able to pay their debts

I am willing to take bets from anybody that Mr.Lian Carroll will not be gracing the inside of any of the countries Jails for non payment of his debts anytime soon

His latest action in the High court is just another attempt to stall the Supreme Court’s ruling a few days ago .just goes to show you if you have money in Ireland even when it is other people’s money you can run rings around any court’s ruling

Nor are we likely to see another Banker con artist, developer, or any politician join the thousands of ordinary people who will be turned out of their homes, and dumped into prison for non payment of their accumulated mortgage debts, in the coming months

We the people must not accept one law for the rich and one law for the poor Never!

Mary Wins this time !


The Government and the Minister will see the end of the pharmacists’ action as an important vindication of its policy to reduce health service costs and get better value for the taxpayer.

Many pharmacists, however, still angry at the size of the fee cuts and the manner in which they were imposed, will now be wondering whether the 11-day stand-off achieved anything and whether it was it worth it.

I was worth it for the Taxpayers of this country and a well done Mary this Time!

This is just one battle that has being won for the taxpayers of this country , but there are plenty more vested interested in the HSE that still need to be taken down Mary.

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