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The Skanger me Banger Trailer

Skanger me Banger

Thought this might give you all a laugh! This is a video I came across and I give the boys 10 out of 10 for their effort

please follow link to view video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGpcKu7kLuY&feature=related

Mrs. Agness Browne (Brendan O’Carroll)

Before I get all Gloomy  again I thought everybody should first have a laugh to start the new year off

Here is a clip from Ireland’s greatest comedian Brendan  O’Carroll and Mrs. Agness Browne

Video Link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdSaWW9vuow

The Happy Irish Government Family photo

The Happy Irish Government Family photo

Has managed to survive the worst ever economic downturn in the history of the state!

410.000 thousand Unemployed, (That is the ones they count) the loss of Ireland’s financial independence, the collapse of tax revenues

The collapse of all the Banks in the State!

The collapse of the building industry

The collapse of the car industry

The health services in a shambles

Public services cut to ribbons

They just closed down the Dail for the next 9 weeks and gone on Holidays

Tax’s on the up and up and more on the way

Did I forget anything?

Just think of the worst thing that can happen to the country and chances are with this crew in charge it will come to pass!

Talk 2 Joe (2)

This video doesn’t exist

Talk 2 Joe


Irish radio stations are doing a good job for the Government!

With the right presenters in place they will continue to do so for years to come!

We here in Ireland have a habit of complaining about everything and anything on the air waves

I don’t know why, maybe because we think that by airing our grievances we think that we are doing something about them

It muss suite the ruling classes that we do this because the alternative would mean the end of their rule over us

I suppose we might get the idea to go out on to the streets and just make the changes we all seem to talk about all the time on these radio shows

These radio shows have their own guanos like the presenters have become superstars themselves and they also are in receipt of huge salaries

one of the was reputed to be receiving over 760,000:00 Euro a year now to put flesh on these bones that’s 3 Times the salary of the American President the most powerful man on the planet

The head of the HSE is receiving 500.000: Euro that is 2 Times the American Presidents salary

Should I go on I think not because I am depressed enough!

We must stop whinging over the air waves and take to the streets if we want to change anything in this country

All other avenues are in the hands of the ruling elite,

Is there a cosy circle in RTE?

Unless you have a Brother or Aunty or have Friends in there you won’t be able to get a job there

The current batch of presenters are paid way over the top for such a small country

But who will be brave enough and tell them over the air this?

Answer: You won’t get the chance!

The Dail Gravy Train


 TDs have had it so good, when one looks over the water and see British MP’s resigning because of their questionable expenses

Alas her in good old Ireland this is just a dream as the gravy train continues to truck along we will just have to put up with the situation we have at present

If anybody out there knows how to get a view of our local TD’s expenses please let me know I would dearly love to publish them here on this community blog for all to see.

In fact I will look into this and report back ASAP

This kind of information should be available without me having to search for it

I hear that Finance Minister Brian Lenihan is insisted the expenses regime will be overhauled, and may be replaced by a new electronic system.

“I will be insisting on some form of independent verification, such as an electronic means,” Mr. Lenihan is said to have declared!

Well Mr. Lenihan why don’t you get the boys and Girls to clock in and out

That alone will save a bundle as every time I have visited the place, it was empty

TD’s Salaries are way out of sync with the majority of the working people they are supposed to be representing I would gladly work in Dail Eireann for the average industrial wage (36,000.00 Euro)

In fact I will stand at the next election and state that I will do so and ask any would be TD’s to declare the same

Let us all demand this from our TD’s at the next general election.


Traumatised !


It happened all of a sudden!





I have being left traumatised, there has being a death in the family

Yes my mobile has had its last day, it’s on the blink and all is lost! I just can’t go on, that’s it!

it is surprising how addictive we all have become to this gadget I have being praying that it would start up again later on to –day but I am afraid it all over and I am distraught !


No waiting too long, I am now looking around the market place for the newest, latest, and Budget wise model.

Looks like I will have to wait, as I have my eyes on a Chinese model, and in a budget of 70 euro

It’s looking good

More when I get my new mobile!

It’ll take about 2 weeks, how am I going to survive!!!!!

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