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Anglo Irish Bank is dragging us all down!

Wednesday, September 29 · 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Location St Stephen’s Green

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More Info The Right To Work Campaign will be joining the Irish Trade Union Congress protest at the Dail on Wed September 29th- we will be marching from Anglo Irish Bank at 12 noon and then joining the Congress protest at the Dail at 12.30pm.Sept 29th is the 1st day back for the Dail and is also the 2nd anniversary of the banking guarantee.The 23 Billion we gave Anglo Irish Bank is enough to employ everyone on the Live Register for 3 years on 33,000 a year!Get this government out!
No more Anglo Irish Bailouts!
We want jobs and services!
Stop the Cuts!For leaflets and posters contact 0872604143Let’s make this a real focus for all the anger out there against this incompetent government!



 As a non-aligned and  advocate for the middle ground and free enterprise I strongly believe that the support the government is giving this corrupt and clearly bankrupt private Bank in not the responsibility of the Irish Taxpayers and I also firmly believe that the Irish government has created a fatal disaster for the country by bailing out their friends .One has to now ask questions why this disastrous course was ever taken .This stinks to high heaven and fraud is written all over this action by lenihan and Cowen  .

This must stop now and criminal charges must be brought against the architects of this national disaster.

The Full story has still to come out from the Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Ireland again I call on them to come clean on their derivatives positions.

I intend to go to this demonstration to-morrow as

 I believe we in the middle ground should be seen and on the ground and we need to become vocal otherwise we will be left behind nobody else will fight our cause and our cause is the peoples cause.

Now more than ever we need to stand united against this blatant attack on our democracy by the political elite and their cronies.


Anybody in Wicklow looking for a lift contact me at e-mail provided before 10.30  29.09.2010




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enough is enough !

Guns & Roses rolled into town and were to play a concert at the O2
They arrived at 22.25.
I believe they were to start at 21.00 hrs so nearly one and a half hours waiting the eventually came on to the stage with no explanation why they were so late!
There was no interaction or apology by Axel to the crowd who were booing etc..
Bottles were thrown onto the stage during the start of Welcome to the Jungle. Axle told the crowd to stop throwing bottles at him or they’ll leave
Talking about reading the situation completely wrong!
Axel should have offered an apology and I am sure that would have done the trick
It would appear the Irish people are now fed up with half measures and the same old excuses for not delivering on rightful expectations
The same can be said of the current government, the TD, s that are pampered and are totally out of touch with the ordinary people of Ireland.
A Good example of this is Eamon Ryan advises customers to save money by leaving ESB
Now the last time a government minster told the Irish public to do something It turned out to be a disaster for 500,000 of them (Eircon remember) then we had the former Bertie Ahern tell the nation to buy property at what turned out to be the height of that Ponzi scheme.
So now with yet another half twit government minster telling us to leave a state body and go to another energy supplier you have to be sceptical at the very least
Then we hear An Bord Pleanála has granted planning permission for developer Liam Carroll to complete the building of the proposed Anglo Irish Bank headquarters in the Dublin docklands. What is this Toxic toilet going to do with a new headquarters? Is this a suttle rescue of their pal Liam Carroll by the boys in Government?
This would be a nice earner for him at the taxpayer’s expense of course
The state-owned Anglo Irish Bank formally ended its agreement to occupy the building in February. So what has changed are we going to hear from Clowen and Lenihan we need a Good Anglo and a Bad Anglo and the good will need a nice new shiny headquarters and Liam is there to help out
Something’s rotten in this state of ours and the ordinary people will not put up with any more
Enough is enough! time to clear the decks once and for all!

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