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German war reparations

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It took Germany 90 years to pay off 25 billion in war reparations for the First World War.
The US gulf will need 20$ Billion to clean it up .

Ireland is now been saddled with debts of 36.5 billion and that’s just Anglo Irish Bank plus the other banks another 14 billion a nice round 50,000,000,000:00
How long will it take for this little country to pay off this private debt?
Cowen and Lenihan will go down in history as the most incompetent politicians in Irish History and the leaders of the opposition parties coming in close behind.
This country needs competent men and woman in the dail and not selfish leaches sucking our country dry.

Preliminary Report Into Ireland’s Banking Crisis 31 May 2010

After reading the Preliminary Report into Ireland’s Banking Crisis one can only come to the conclusion that Cowen and Lenihan are Guilty of “Gross Incompetence and Dereliction of Duty”
And should resign immediately and be brought before the courts
on charges of economic treason !

Preliminary Report Into Ireland’s Banking Crisis 31 May 2010

NAMA plan ,pure folly

David Mc Williams explains ,but there is no mention of the Derivative contracs Anglo is holding along with the AIB and BOI.

These Derivative contracts are all in the red and nobody is takling about them

Is this what Allen Dukes is referring to when he says Anglo will need more funds ??

Are the goverement paying off the huge losses from the other Banks through the Anglo Irish back door??

we need answers!

we need reform now!

The current Irish Government are responsible for the financial disaster the country is in,
With the establishment of NAMA the Government is trying to socialize the enormous losses that the Banks and their Developer buddies have encored.
Corruption is rife and now a new monster burocratic system is being created, where X politicians will have jobs for life and the same corrupt developers will be able to manipulate the housing market all over again
While the people are being robbed of their homes, savings, pensions, and education for their children, that same gangsters are running the country
This has to stop!
Join the CAB to-day and get things moving
Come on! Get active in your own area now!
We as a country need new faces and not the same old tired faces that have being around using the system to suite themselves.

Incompetence rewarded at AIB

Figures in AIB’s annual report show the bailed-out bank paid its top management €3.6m last year, down from just over €5m the previous year.

The figure is the combined bill for executive and non-executive directors.

The bank’s finances were badly hit in 2009 following the implosion of the property market.

AIB’s former Chief Executive Eugene Sheehy earned €892,000 in 2009, down from €1.15m in 2008, according to the report. He retired from the position on 30 November.

Colm Doherty, who was appointed as the bank’s Managing Director towards the end of last year, saw his salary grow from €822,000 to €833,000 between 2008 and 2009.

Mr Doherty took over in early November. December and part of November reflect his salary at the capped rate of €500,000.

AIB’s former Chairman Dermot Gleeson, who retired at the end of June, took home €203,000 for his services – a decrease from €475,000 the previous year.


Sean O’Driscoll, a non-executive director of the bank who is due to retire this year, waived his fee for 2009.

Mr O’Driscoll, who is the Chief Executive of Glen Dimplex, is continuing to do the work free this year.




Do these gents look like they care?
No, they couldn’t care less!

The Taxpayers of this country are going to be footing the bill to keep this lot in clover for the foreseeable future

When will the people rise up and kick these incompetent directors out?

We are literally rewarding criminal negligence

That’s like paying the Nazis for killing the Jews

Looking at this picture I am reminded of another (Below)

Notice the same expressionless faces

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