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Keiser report No.19

If you want to really know what is going on then look at this video
covered in the video is Gold, IMF, UK deficit, George Soros, and many more stories

Is the Irish government involved in these kind of financial tools and were there advised by Goldman sacks?

Can they categorically state on the floor of the Dail that they have no exposure to any of these kinds of toxic synthetic financial tools?

Can they categorically state that none of the Irish financial instustions have any of these derivatives on their books and if they so state then why are they looking for traders in these kinds of derivatives at NAMA

see link http://thepressnet.com/2010/01/16/irish-banks-derivative-trading-losses/

It is my belief that not only are the banks up to their tonsils in these derivatives and are hiding huge losses, the Government are actively concealing such losses from the General public.

we may even be in the same situation as Greece ,because the government will not come out and deny that they have not used the services of Goldman Sacks in the setting up of such derivatives.

we need reform now!

The current Irish Government are responsible for the financial disaster the country is in,
With the establishment of NAMA the Government is trying to socialize the enormous losses that the Banks and their Developer buddies have encored.
Corruption is rife and now a new monster burocratic system is being created, where X politicians will have jobs for life and the same corrupt developers will be able to manipulate the housing market all over again
While the people are being robbed of their homes, savings, pensions, and education for their children, that same gangsters are running the country
This has to stop!
Join the CAB to-day and get things moving
Come on! Get active in your own area now!
We as a country need new faces and not the same old tired faces that have being around using the system to suite themselves.

Nationalized Anglo Irish Bank is gorging on you money!


Nationalized Anglo Irish Bank

Which will receive more capital from the Irish Taxpayers in the coming weeks, and after reporting the highest ever losses in Irish corporate history,

This den of corruption and Black hole of the Irish economy has awarded pay increases to 70 staff.

Yes again awarded pay increases”

Salary increases have been paid to 40 of the bank’s 800 staff in Ireland, 20 out of 370 staff in the UK and 10 out of 80 staff in the US where the employees’ jobs have changed following the voluntary redundancy plan under which 230 staff left the bank.

Newly promoted Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs Pat Carey

Last night defended the pay award.

The increase concerned a small number of non-senior specialist staff in England that had been recruited on a contract basis,

Anglo is expected to post losses of almost €12 billion for the 15 months to December 31st, 2009


Next week when the bank releases financial results for the first time since May 2009. Losses on bad loans amounting to about €14 billion mean that Anglo will report the highest losses ever reported by an Irish company

These Crooks must go to Jail and if they don’t there will be blood on the streets

Irish Govt Appoints Alan Dukes as Anglo Irish Bank Chairman


who joined the Board in December 2008, is a Director and Public Affairs Consultant of Wilson Hartnell Public Relations Limited. He has served as Minister for various portfolios including Finance and Justice and is a former leader of Fine Gael.  He was Director General of the Institute of European Affairs from 2003 to 2007.

link http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20100312-703533.html?mod=WSJ_World_MIDDLEHeadlinesEurope
His qualifications are what exactly?

This political dinosaur has been around for a long time and he has been feeding off the lush planes of Taxpayers land

This guy is an old and I mean very old party apparatchik and is well versed in the game of self preservation and self promotion. Mr. Dukes is no more qualified to run this Toxic Toilet than the janitor in our local public toilets.

Already in receipt of various payments from the public purses he will now enjoy financial security for the rest of his life and all thanks to us the taxpayers who have carried his sorry ass for most of his life

How is placing this ancient “public servant” (Leach) at the top of the Board of the Anglo Irish Bank toxic toilet helping the Irish people ?

Listening to the 1 o clock news I heard this man try to justify his new position and also try to tell the Irish public that he could rescue this corrupt and damaged Bank

This is a complete waste of Taxpayers’ money and is going to become a pasture for X politicians waiting to drop dead!

political dinosaurs

These two dinosaurs broke through the time barrier last week to disperse a few pearls of wisdom to us the bewildered population of this Bankrupt Island of ours

What did they have to say??

NAMA is good for them! Why? Well they must believe that with NAMA paying way above the current market values for worthless assets the banks shares will get a boost and their state pensions will continue to appear in their well stocked bank accounts

Having gone out to pasture long long long ago these two beauties are still living off the fat of accumulated wealth at the taxpayers’ expense

Just like I said in a previous posting we can expect more of these self appointed elders to spring to life again the moment they suspect that their perks are threatened

The Taxpayers of this country cannot afford to continue to keep these political dinosaurs in the life styles they have grown accustomed to

I say let them try to survive on dole payments and hand outs from now on.

To the peoples of the Fine Gael, stick to your course

NO and Never to NAMA.

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