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A New Irish Citizens Political party

A New Political Party set up in Kilkenny
Over 50 people gathered in the Kyttler’s Inn, in Kilkenny city last night to set up a new political party to replace Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael.  The meeting, spearheaded by Leo Armstrong from Prosperous, Naas, was organised by Noel and Adrian Walsh of Kilkenny . Both men are politically very active in Kilkenny and Wexford , with Noel having contested, as an Independent, in the last two Local Elections, receiving almost 800 first preference votes in the 2009 elections.  
As the meeting progressed the anger at the present government was extremely palpable.  People travelled from Waterford, Cork, Kerry, Clare, Limerick, Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow, Laois, Offaly, Longford, Dublin, Cavan, Tipperary, Kildare and of course Kilkenny to hear speaker after speaker express no confidence in the present Fianna Fail led government.   Neither had they any faith in a Fianna Gael government should they be successful at the next General Election.
The meeting rounded on the current political establishment and accused them of “corruption” and “cronyism”.   There was a great sense of frustration in the meeting as many of those present saw no way out of the present crisis citing a lack of real leadership qualities among the present political establishment.  Quite a number of those attending had, for some time, contemplated setting up a political party and expressed their delight that at last such a meeting was being held.
From the platform Brigitte Schorn from Cork expressed her anger at how the children of this country were losing out in comparison to how children were cared for in other European countries.  An Educator by profession with 10 years working experience in three different countries, Brigitte said it was essential to invest all we can in our children, to enable them to become confident, well-balanced and capable adults who will run our country and represent Ireland as a small but equal player in the world. She further stated  that the high rate of suicide in this country was directly attributed to the present economic crisis mainly due to this governments mismanagement of the economy.
At the end of the meeting a committee was formed with the task of formulating policies and preparing for the next meeting which will take place within the next few weeks.

Unelected Taoiseach Cowen

Unelected Taoiseach Cowen  

 has criticised what he called the pervasive negativity in the media about the Irish economy.

Commenting on the downgrading of the economy by Moody’s, Brian Cowen said the National Treasury Management Agency had made clear we are a very stable economy.

The international ratings agency, that helps investors assess investment risk, downgraded Ireland for a second time since the financial crisis began.

However, the agency has moderated its outlook for Ireland from negative to stable.

Moody’s downgraded Ireland’s sovereign bond rating to Aa2 from Aa1.

Moody’s Senior Credit Officer and lead analyst for Ireland Dietmar Hornung said the ‘downgrade is primarily driven by the Irish government’s gradual but significant loss of financial strength, as reflected by its deteriorating debt affordability.’

Rival agency Standard & Poor’s, which downgraded for a second time in April, has maintained a negative outlook for the country.

The NTMA, which manages the national debt, has said the downgrading of Ireland’s credit should not have an impact on the country’s debt.

The agency, which is having its monthly auction of Irish bonds tomorrow, said the rating decision was not based on any new information.

The NTMA’s Oliver Whelan said there were positive elements in the Moodys’ announcement.


Mr.Cowen the National Treasury Management Agency’s assurances are worth nothing to the Irish public in light of the assurances from your predecessor Ahern on Irish house prices two years ago or the assurances the financial regulator gave on Anglo Irish Bank or on your own assurance on the cost of bailing out the big banks of this state

You have absolutely no credibility; neither does any state body that includes the central bank  

You have lied to the Irish people and brought us down on our knees to the altar of the foreign vultures

Thus ensuring that future generations will continue to be slaves in their own country

You and your cabinet swatters will have to face the people’s justice sooner or later
We need action on jobs and a general election now

Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI)

I recently came across this group called Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI)

Who plan to register as a political party? The “main platform” of Direct Democracy Ireland is “to allow citizens to petition for a referendum to allow Government decisions be negated.” This means that citizens can form an initiative, with a certain number of signatures, for a referendum that could reverse certain ministerial decisions, such as the closing of a hospital, or legislation such as Nama.

DDI “also wants mechanisms introduced to grant the electorate the power to sack TDs and Senators who are not performing satisfactorily”. In other words, a recall mechanism would be inserted into the Constitution, giving the grounds for recalling elected representatives if they breach their duties in a specified way.

These mechanisms or initiatives, referendum and recall are features of other governments around the world which operate on a direct democracy basis. The basic premise is to give a certain amount of power back to the people, in ways that act as checks and balances on their elected representatives.
The principles of Direct Democracy are attractive because they fit in so well with the principles of sustainable development, which are based on public participation and transparency in decision-making, access to information and access to justice. Independent expert advice and publication of cost/benefit analysis are mandatory features of sustainable decision-making; a far cry from what we have witnessed with Nama and

Anglo Irish Bank.

The three pillars of sustainable development: social, environmental and economic, are balanced to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

This will only change with a complete change in how we run our democracy.

I call on all true patriots who would like help build a society on the solid principles and values of direct democracy and sustainable development to come to the next public meeting of Direct Democracy that will be held in the Aisling Hotel, Dublin on July 20th at 8pm.

I will be in attendance and I would encourage everybody that can attend please do!

anybody from the Wicklow Town area in need of a lift to the venue can contact me at


More information on Direct Democracy Ireland here

Bullock Harbour in Dalkey 12.06.2010


Up visiting this harbour this weekend and caught a glimpse of these two Gray Seals


This video doesn’t exist

There appears to be about 50 of such magnificent creatures that come into the harbour and beg for food from the local fishermen on a Daly bases.

If you have children, this would be a lovely spot to bring them and you get this great entertainment free from the seals. There is a Mobil coffee van on site.

Bring your video camera I only had my phone camera!


Gray Seal

Order: Pinnipedia
Family: Phocidae
Genus and Species:
Halichoerus grypus

Male gray seals can grow to almost ten feet long.Physical Description: Gray seal coloration varies from blackish with white specks and splotches to whitish with black markings. Generally, males are darker and females lighter. Pups are born white with a yellowish tint. Male gray seals have wrinkled necks, thicker necks and shoulders, and longer, broader, more rounded snouts than females.


Size: Male gray seals are much larger than females, weighing 375 to 880 pounds and growing to almost ten feet long. Females weigh between 220 and 572 pounds and reach lengths of up to seven and a half feet. The size difference between individuals can be even more striking than these averages: Some males weigh three times as much as some females. Seals living in Canadian waters grow the largest.

Geographic Distribution: Gray seals breed from eastern Canada to the Baltic Sea. Canadian breeding areas include the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and coastal Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador. Colonies are also found in coastal Iceland, Great Britain, northern Norway, Denmark, southern Sweden, and Estonia. Young seals wander widely. For instance, Canadian gray seals are sometimes seen as far south as New Jersey.

Status: The gray seal’s Baltic population is listed as endangered on the World Conservation Union’s (IUCN’s) Red List of Threatened Animals.

Habitat: Gray seals breed in a variety of habitats where disturbance is minimal, including rocky shores, sandbars, ice flows, and islands. They feed in cold open waters.

Natural Diet: Gray seals eat a wide variety of fish, squid, octopus, and crustaceans such as shrimp. Sometimes they eat a seabird or two. Small fish are swallowed whole, while larger ones are held in the seal’s mouth and torn into smaller, more easily swallowed pieces with the claws on the front flippers.

National Zoo Diet: The Zoo’s gray seals eat butterfish, herring, capelin, and squid.

Reproduction: Gray seal breeding seasons vary, but most breeding takes place between late September and early March. Males posture or fight for access to multiple females, which congregate at haul-out sites to bear and nurse their young. Gestation lasts ten months to a year, and pups are born at haul-out sites the season following mating. They wean about three weeks after birth. Adult females breed again at about the same time as their young wean. Females usually start breeding at three to five years old. Although males are ready to breed at four to eight years old, due to competition with older males they rarely do so before ten years old.

Life Span: In the wild, gray seal females live up to 40 years, while males live up to 30 years. In zoos, they can live into their forties.

Behavior: Gray seals congregate in large groups for breeding, pupping, and molting. During the four- to six-week-long breeding period, neither males nor females eat, drawing from their fat (blubber) for nutrition. Size and fat reserves play an important part in successful breeding. Male seals that can spend more time on land chasing females, and less time feeding at sea, have greater mating success. They also gather in small groups to rest on land. But when it comes to finding food, gray seals dive alone or in small groups.

Past/Present/Future: Over the centuries, gray seals were hunted commercially and for subsistence and many populations declined. In recent years, many have bounced back. Today, they are protected in many areas and their harvest is limited in others. In some areas, a bounty exists on these animals because they sometimes damage fishing nets, eat commercially valued fish, and carry a parasite called the codworm, the larvae of which live in fish and reduce their commercial value. Many gray seals, especially young ones, get tangled in fishing nets and drown. However, except for the Baltic population, gray seal populations are doing well–holding steady or increasing.

source http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/OceanLiving/Facts/graysealfacts.cfm

What if this oil spill was off the coast of Ireland?


If this had happened in Irish waters the Government would have told the nation that we were all responsible and we must all put our shoulder to the wheel and help stop this well from leaking any more of our precious oil .They would also blame the single mothers and the Unemployed for using up badly needed financial resources that would otherwise be spent plugging the well.

A call for a national bond would be made and everyone in the work would be made pay a new oil cleanup carbon tax levy and the Unions would tell the members that we have no choice as this is the only option for the country

Gormley would employ a few green pals to count all the dead fish and Ryan would call for a national day of mourning .Brian lenihan would go on national TV to tell us we must tighten out collative belts yet another two notches!
Bertie Ahern would look for another “Dig out” from his pals to help pay his levy!
Having got it he would then seek an exemption from the revenue on the grounds he was a struggling artist!
The Government would then blame the protesters of shell to sea for the disaster and have them all thrown into jail!

Gormley getting his photo taken


So Mr.Gormely will grace Wicklow to-day to grab a photo opportunity with the help of the New Wicklow water scheme

However he is conveniently forgetting the daly problems we in our estate have with raw sewerage floating down the local stream.

This in spite of us having written to him several times this year alone about this problem

Instead of prancing around having his photo taken he should come down to our estate and see for himself what we the residents have to put up with for the last 15 years

Mr.Gormely has done nothing to stop this pollution.

Mr.Gormely you are a man of inaction, forget about you grandstanding and start doing the job you were elected to do, namely protection of the environment

A case of “out of sight out of mind” Mr.Gormely?


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Residents association

Disaster off the Irish coast?


Is this the kind of headlines we will some day read??

The BP saga continues off the coast of the US, and the question which has to be asked is could this kind of accident happen in the corrib gas field off the Irish coast. A fundamental review of all safety procedures must be top priority.

The whole notion that a foreign national can just plunder our national resources cannot be allowed to continue.

No government has the right to sell off the natural energy resources of the nation

The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig that precipitated the vast Gulf of Mexico oil spill came after the well was capped with a relatively cheap type of casing, BP papers have revealed.

To cap costs, how do we know that Shell are doing the same off the Irish coast?

The fact we have the Greens in government, it is astonishing that they have not even called for such reviews on safety

I suppose we have yet again an example of the greens dumping their values for the allure of political power

The brave people fighting the shell company’s grab of Irish Gas should be supported as in my view they are the real eco warriors!

Lunatics running the asylum!

The latest on the Greek Bailout

First is was 250 million (Irelands Contribution to the Greek bail out (2nd April)

Then on the 11. April 2010 we hear that we will be giving (€450m )

In a statement, Brian Lenihan confirmed Ireland had agreed to the deal, which he said was about safeguarding financial stability in the euro area and would be to the benefit of all member states including Ireland then!

To-day 3.05.2010 a (Bank holiday)

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan maintained the joint rescue plan with the International Monetary Fund – which amounts to 110 billion euro over a three-year period – is money “well spent”. Ireland will now contribute 1.300.000.000 Billion

After a long list of disastrous decisions be this economic terrorist

1. The guarantee on September 29th 2008

2. The nationalization of Anglo Irish

3. The € 7 billion recapitalization for AIB and BoI

4. € 4billion injection of capital last summer into Anglo


6. The transfer of the preference shares in BoI into ordinary shares.
None of these interventions lived up to the expectations claimed by Lenihan

Not a single penny has been spent to create new jobs, to up-skill the unemployed

And yet 22,500.000.000 Billion has been dumped down the Anglo Irish Toxic Toilet!

How long will we the people allow the lunatics run the asylum??

The new by-pass duel carriageway for Wicklow town and the harbour by-pass road


The new by-pass duel carriageway for Wicklow town in now opened along with the by-pass road for the Harbour

A sturdy congrats to all involved with the project a job well done

Wicklow can do it

Take a look at the video below

Wicklow Town

Wicklow Town open for business?

The town continues to experience an Exodus of business there are now at least 8 prime shops empty.

The latest is the departure of the Butler’s Pantry, what a shame!

the town is fast becomming a unemployment black spot!

we need action on employment for the town now!



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