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I am Irish living in the German town of Lubeck .I resent the attempts of various Politicians ,Bankers their spin doctors and hangers-on, of the ruling party to push the blame on me and everybody else for the financial meltdown that has befallen our country . I started this Blog to get out of my system the absolute rage that I have for the corrupt politicians and their Banker Buddies. I reproduce news all manner of articles, but will always confirm the source of the articles; this is a compliment to the source of such news pieces. But if you do not agree with this and you are the original author, I will take down any article when requested to do so. I do not assume that the author of the news articles share with my views, I include news articles to give readers another slant to my views or to illustrate what the mainstream news media say on the relevant topic.
The opinions expressed are my own, If I have offended you or made a factual error please put on record the truth by leaving a comment.
In addition, my thoughts and opinions change from time to time…I consider this a necessary consequence of having an open mind. For the record I am currently an Independent political activist and am not affiliated to any political party.

Think for yourself!
To paraphrase the late William Cooper:
Read everything, listen to everything, but believe nothing
until you’ve researched it yourself.

“Best friends are like diamonds, precious and rare False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.” (Including the internet)

Thomas Clarke

PS :Anyone thinking of coming to Lubeck give me a shout at 1machholz@gmail.com

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  1. wheelsofire said:

    My politics are rather different to yours,I suspect.
    I have come up through a different sensibility, and am of the opinion that there is such a thing as society.
    I’m a life-long leftie beardie type.But I am also good at business and capitalism, a source of life-long internal conflict.
    Why not have a look at my blog, and perhaps consider linking to it?

    • I think the left -v- right argument is largely obsolete, especially now that we are talking survival! The last time I, a leftie, compared aspirations with an avowed right-winger we couldn’t find anything of real substance that we disagreed on! While insider-elite politicans, senior civil and public servants, bankers, developers and lawyers all screw us into the ground it’s time to forget our differences and focus on cleaning up the current stink!

  2. Thanks for your comment
    I like to think that I am more in the camp capitalism but with a good dose of social strings attached
    I believe if all the citizens are educated to third level we will by default have a much better society
    As I believe that education is a fundamental right of all citizens
    We currently have a system that favours a few elite families
    Here in Ireland and these individuals have destroyed our financial independence
    the next generations will blame us all for not standing up and not taking action !

  3. Saffron Marriott said:

    Great to see blogs like this – enjoy learning from knowledgeble folks like yourself and others on David Mc Williams site.

  4. Wow! Impressive blog! Hi & sorry to bother! Just wondered if you could explain how I might add Twitter & Facebook page onto my wordpress.com blog? Many thanks

    • • Click on MY blogs in you Dashboard
      • Under Publicize you should see 3 small box Top one is for Yahoo updates
      • second one is for Twitter and the 3rd is foe Facebook
      • just tick the box
      • your done !

  5. Good to meet you Machholz. Check out our new site for Direct Democracy Ireland

    • Hi Salafia, Just to tell you that we in Citizens First (spearheaded by Leo Armstrong) are in the process of developing a comprehensive list of policies. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We believe in direct democracy and therefore it is our members who will develop policy, not some elite on top! We have enough top-level elites telling us all how to think. Citizens First is a bottom-up organization. Nevertheless, we will publish our policies soon. They will include among many other things a desire for direct democracy just like you do. We should focus on what we have in common, not our differences. Our main raison d’etre is We need to clean up politics and rid the country of corrupt, self-serving crooks who care not a whit for the 90% outsiders like me and you. Please keep in touch. We need to work together.

  6. Paul Maher said:

    Hello Macholz,
    I recently sent a letter to some people who had taken the time to air their disaffection with our current government/regime in the “letters” section of our national press. To me , it seemed a good starting point! One reply, I’m glad to say, pointed me in your direction.
    I would very much like to get in touch with you and share my progress with you. I think it would be rather ineffective to have numerous groups, with similar aims, operating independently.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Paul Maher

  7. Brian Cavanagh said:


    Great looking blog. Well done.

    Keep going keep pushing keep chipping away for when you stop they win. They must not win. Change will come. But we need to influence the momentum to deliver the type of change we need. New leaders will emerge maybe you are one of these new leaders and I am always willing to lend a hand. When you read many of the comments you realise the great magnificient intellectual capacity hidden in Ireland.

    I hope you family is coping well.


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