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This topic has been one of the most avoided scandals for the last 8 years: I was living in Lubeck ( North Germany) for a period ( 2012 -2014 )and whilst in select company I offered my opinion that Deutsche Bank was in fact Broke and was a Danger to Europe not alone Germany I was promptly removed from any further” invites” and I haven’t got any Christmas cards from any of them either! I wonder can they even afford to send them here anymore?? This is a Great article Thank you for posting!

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mesnip81016Politicians go la-la-la-la-la, bankers & neocons go lie-lie-lie-lie-lie, and Bloomberg goes hip-hip-hip-hip-hip hooray….It’s all Brexit’s fault. Obviously.

With every working day, it becomes clearer that somebody – at Agence France Presse, Deutsche Bank or one of its PR consultants – invented and sold to the markets a complete fabrication in relation to Deutsche being “very close to a deal” with the US Justice Department that would “bring the fine down from $14 billion to $5.4 billion”.

The suggestions that there had been negotiations, that they had progressed, and that the near $9 billion reduction was at hand were all utterly without foundation.

But DB’s CEO John Cryan is now in the US and has been talking to Justice. And he’s got precisely nowhere with them, Bild reported over the weekend.

Earlier – before the banking system was saved by a black lie – there had been a White Knight in…

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