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The “Tally Stick”

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By Thomas Angus O Cléirigh

It seems that the “Tally Stick” is still around in modern Ireland only in a different disguise: Today’s “Tally Stick ” is “Debt” forced on to the backs of the Irish people ! every-time they show sings of becoming “Financially Independent ”   The corrupt politicians and the ruling class sell us out to their corporate friends and the ECB  forcing  more debt on to the backs of ordinary Joe! This does not end after the working life, no once you are too old to be employed you are then penalized by the state because of your age, your pension that you worked all your working life for is pushed out for another 4-5 years and in the meantime you are obliged to pester the local social welfare office for the merger Job-seekers allowance :

The gangsters in the bank who lost all your pension are enjoying their lottery pensions along with the corrupt politicians who allowed them to become casinos with the savings and pensions of hundreds of thousands of our people: Yes then we have the corporate parasites who have been prying on the Irish work force for the past 35 years as they collect billions in profits and pay lip-service in taxes ! The shortfall in  our children’s education, health, housing, and  public infrastructure , are the “Notch’s now carved into the “Tally Stick” we all carry around with us To-day clocking up billions of euros in new debt that can never be paid: But the politicians don’t care as they will collect their 30 pieces of silver the day they step of the Dáil gravy train and perhaps collect another ticket for another gravy train in Brussels :

Yes tradition in well and truly cherished by our corrupt elite:

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