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It’s an open secret: corporate lobbies enjoy a particularly cosy relationship with the trade officials at the European Commission (EC). Behind closed doors, the infamous TTIP trade deal [1] is being written hand in hand by regulators and the corporations they are meant to regulate.

For three years now, multinational lobby groups have been conspiring with the EC over TTIP to lower standards for consumer protection, undermine health and environmental policies, and transfer even more power to corporations – all in the name of profit.

Lobbyists like staying in the shadows – that’s where they are the most effective. So let’s shine a spotlight on the worst corporate offenders! Today, together with our partners, we are asking you to vote in the Democracy for Sale Awards. The Awards are our chance to expose the cosy friends-with-benefits relationships between big business and EU trade negotiators [2]. Vote now and join the thousands of European citizens in speaking out against the secrecy, injustice and unchecked corporate influence over our lives. To make it count, we need your voice!

Vote now and make them hear us!



All big industries have a lot to gain from bringing standards and regulations to their lowest common denominator – the expected consequence of TTIP which has sparked citizens’ protests everywhere in Europe. With our partners, we’ve done the research, investigated correspondence, combed through leaked documents – and we came up with six nominations for the Democracy for Sale Award.

The Democracy for Sale Awards is where for a short while you have a chance to turn the tables on corporations and point your finger at the worst of the worst from the industry lobbies co-writing TTIP. We need your vote to make these Awards the biggest ever, and pull the dodgy lobbyists into the light. Pick your nominee and help us counter corporate influence over policies which affect all of us!

Vote now!



The WeMove community is part of the ever more powerful pan-European movement against backroom trade deals, such as TTIP and CETA [3]. Together, we helped create the pressure on the EC to hand over the approval of CETA to the national parliaments. More than 93,000 people across Europe joined our common campaign to say NO to special corporate tribunals. The Democracy for Sale Awards are the fruit of cooperation between WeMove and our amazing partners: Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth Europe and LobbyControl.

Let’s use this momentum to expose the worst lobbyists pulling the strings in the TTIP negotiations – and show the corporations that when we come together we are powerful, too!

Vote now!

Thank you,
Julia, Oliver and the WeMove EU team.

PS. We have contacted the lobby groups to let them know they have been nominated – you can read their replies on our website!

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